Our New Crazy Windows

Our Keswick store with its fabulous large windows is an excellent playground for new ideas! From whole fridges to a herd of sheep we have had some unusual ideas in the past! With all the snow and reindeer’s tidied away from our Christmas windows, we have gone a little crazy this time with our rain and contrasting tropical themes. With hanging foliage and tropical plants this window certainly stands out in the centre of a Lake District town. Even unicorns and dinosaurs make an appearance. Admittedly this is a stretch... Read More


The Lake District Pound

The Lake District Pound (LD£) is our region’s new local currency – designed to celebrate everything you love about this place, and help keep our region special.   We will be accepting the Lake District pound in our shops when it launches. £1, £5, £10 and £20 Lake District notes will be exchanged one for one with sterling, but can only be spent in participating businesses that are locally owned, trade locally and were either founded in, or unique to the area. Lake District Pounds can be spent, respent, or... Read More


It’s Our Ambleside Shops 1st Birthday

Our Ambleside store will be one years old as of the 1st June. Here we chat to our store manager Sam Melbourne about what has been an exciting and chaotic year. Do you have a first memory from when you started? Not sure I should say this but when I started the smell of chocolate when you walked into the shop was so intense it actually made me feel sick! For the first 2 weeks I was contemplating quitting as it reminded me of morning sickness, I have 4 kids... Read More


A591 Opening On 13th May, Yay!

Finally after months of waiting the A591 linking our Keswick and Ambleside stores is finally going to be re-opened on the 13th of May. The road has been closed since December due to damage caused by storm Desmond. Although the flooding in the Lake District didn’t directly damage our premises, it has had a huge impact on businesses in the area through flood damage and lack of footfall. It is estimated that the shutting of the road that links North and South Lakeland costs the local economy £0.5m every day... Read More