Our Online Business Has Re-Opened

On 23rd March we made the difficult decision to close our online business as we were uncomfortable with the safety of the working environment. Our staff levels increase threefold in the build up to Easter and we felt social distancing would have been near impossible. Now that Easter has passed we are able to operate safely with a skeleton staff, however this does limit the number of orders we can process per day. Safety precautions have been put in place and packing stations are at least 2 metres apart, so... Read More


Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update In light of the current disruption and uncertainty around the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbrea and pandemic we wanted to reassure all our customers that we are taking all the necessary steps to follow the world health organisation and local authorities’ guidelines. Friars as a brand will be taking the following precautions to reinforce your confidence at this time of uncertainty. To ensure the safety and well-being of our customer’s and staff, we have immediately implemented the following: Additional hygiene measures. Our delivery service provider Royal Mail now have plans... Read More

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Champagne vs Prosecco… What’s all the fizz about?

If that Friday feeling leaves you wanting something with a little fizz in it chances are you’ll be reaching for a bottle of  sparkling wine. Depending on the location and types of grapes used will determine if it’s labeled Champagne or Prosecco. History of Champagne There are lots of rules associated with the Champagne label. Those rules are part of the reason why it is more expensive than Prosecco. Rule No. 1:  To be called Champagne it must be produced from specific grapes grown in the Champagne region in France.... Read More

Sparking Wine Risotto

  We celebrated #FizzyFriday by talking about the battle in the UK between Champagne and Prosecco.  We broke down the main differences between the two and even made suggestions for food pairings.  All that talk about food started to make us hungry so we went on the search for what to do with your leftover Prosecco or Champagne. Don’t laugh. Yes, there is such a thing as leftover Prosecco or Champagne. I don’t personally know anyone who would have leftovers but with 7 billion people in the world, there has... Read More


Top Tips to make Mother’s Day extra special this Year!

1. Let Mum sleep in, while you prepare a scrumptious breakfast ready for when she wakes. A Mother’s Day classic, but a treat none the less. 2. The perfect present! Mother’s Day is not the same without a luxury box of chocolates to indulge in and some gorgeous flowers. Stuck for that perfect gift to create that “WOW” factor? Take a look at our unique range of gifts to make Mum’s day here. 3. It is not all about the presents, make Mother’s Day that extra special by spending time... Read More


The Making of Chocolate

The production of chocolate starts with the harvesting of the cocoa pod. This has to be done at the correct time of year to ensure they are grown in the right conditions. Once the cocoa pods have been harvested, the next stage is to crush the pods. This allows for the cocoa bean and pulp to be extracted and dried over the course of six days. This process can be done in two ways: naturally or artificially. The most scrumptious chocolate is dried naturally by the sun in open conditions.... Read More


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It is that time of year again… Valentine’s Day! It can be hard trying to find the perfect gift for your loved one, but here at Friars we have it covered. From novelty chocolate breasts to indulgent chocolate boxes; why not make your partners Valentine’s by treating them to one of our many unique and fabulous gifts. • Valentina Chocolate Box (24 Chocs)– This stunning heart box comes with an assortment of twenty-four gorgeous chocolates and truffles. Included in this delicious array of yumminess are our wonderful Irish cream truffles,... Read More


Chocolate Covered Treats

Let’s face it … there are just some things in life which are better covered in chocolate. Here at Friars we have a range of delicious goodies coated in mouth-watering chocolate. From chocolate dipped cherries to delicious coated fudge, these make the perfect treat for any occasion. 1) Dark Chocolate Liqueur Cherries-. A whole cherry including stone and stalk is surrounded by delicious kirsch liqueur, encased in fine dark chocolate and finished with dark chocolate vermicelli. These scrumptious liqueur cherries are one of our most popular items. Not a lover... Read More


Keswick Light Switch On

Christmas is fast approaching! This week sees the Keswick light switch on, which has been planned around this year’s Children in Need on Friday 13th November 2015. It will be an evening of fun and games, along with live entertainment, which will be broadcasted on the BBC. Pudsey himself will be switching on the Christmas lights in the Market Square, with Mike Zellor from BBC Radio Cumbria hosting the events. Throughout the day there will be a range of activities to keep not only the children entertained, but also the... Read More


Christmas Catalogue

Here at Friars you can find the perfect gift this Christmas; from stocking fillers to delicious boxes of chocolates. Each year we take time to create a Christmas catalogue for our customers to ponder, over as they please. However, for the first time our catalogue can be found at! It is full of Christmas inspiration to ensure your loved one gets the present they deserve at this special time of year.