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Hot cross buns with a difference

Here at Friars we are offering a twist on the traditional Easter favourite. A blend of 27% almonds and dark chocolate chips makes for a delicious treat. Don’t worry, our marzipan hot cross buns are roughly the size of a large chocolate truffle so they are not too over powering. Our buns are finished with a traditional cross, also made out of marzipan. It is believed that the cross signifies the crucifix and once the bun is consumed it will prevent sickness. We are not entirely sure if this still... Read More


The Easter Tree

The Easter tree is very popular in Germany and is usually made from branches collected from the forest floor, which are brought into the house and displayed in a vase. These branches are then decorated with a selection of hand painted wooden, ceramic or real eggs and other embellishments. The idea behind the Easter tree is to create a happy atmosphere and welcome the onset of Spring and new life. Over the years this tradition has been adopted over here. Every year we create a number of Easter trees within... Read More

It’s Pancake Day!

It’s pancake day which means we don’t need to look for an excuse to indulge in fluffy, sweet pancakes topped with all sorts of delicious treats, it just has to be done.  We are big fans of chocolate on top of our pancakes, in fact we like chocolate so much that sometimes we even add small chunks of chocolate to the batter too! If you are in need of a recipe to make the perfect pancakes then look no further than this delicious recipe from the BBC food website. An... Read More


New in 2014 – Chocolate Star Bars

What will they think of next! Whether it’s Michael Jackson, Clint Eastwood or Audrey Hepburn you can now buy them in our chocolate star bar range. We have also catered for our younger customers with the Lady Gaga, Snoop Dog and Psy. Oh and if you don’t know who they are then yes you are getting old but as Leroy Paige says: ‘ Age is a question of mind over matter.  If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter’.  (Leroy “Satchel” Paige) The 100g chocolate bars contain 32% minimum cocoa solids,... Read More


What’s the link between chocolate and Valentine’s Day?

Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but why is this? Is it because it’s tasty, according to some an aphrodisiac, its health benefits or just the tradition? We think it’s mainly tradition and the desire to treat the one we love with a luxury gift that we can share! Christopher Columbus enjoyed chocolate that much when he discovered South America he brought it back for Queen Isabella of Spain along with all sorts of other delicacies.  Over time this exotic new food spread across Europe and by the 1600s was... Read More

Buying for Christmas in January?!

It’s January and just when everyone is getting over Christmas and looking forward to the Spring we start planning for the following Christmas! It’s time to immerse ourselves in it once again and see what exciting products we can get hold of for the following Christmas, just the non edible stuff at this stage, the chocolate comes later! We start by looking at what went well and what didn’t do as good as we’d hoped. Long lists are compiled which are then pored over and discussed in detail. Products which... Read More


Chocolate Name Bars

  Our most popular range of products is the chocolate name bar. 100g of Belgian chocolate covered in a fun wrapper with a name on. We have over 120 different names from Aaron to William, you’ll find a complete list at the bottom of this blog. For those that don’t want a name we also have a large range of other message bars covering various relations and occasions, these are also listed at the bottom of this blog.   To view our range follow the links: A-D, E-J, –K-M, N-W... Read More


Keswick Web Cams

Since we launched our first Keswick web camera in 2010 we have been amazed at how popular the service has become. Every day hundreds of people from all over the world look at cameras to see what’s happening in Keswick! In 2011 we decided to add a second camera which looks down the Main Street towards the Post Office, this only added to their popularity. We have viewers from all corners of the world, including Japan, Australia, Brazil and Hawaii. The most random country in 2013 was the Cook Islands!... Read More


Work Experience!

Work Experience at Friars In the Summer we had a Keswick School pupil come to us for a weeks work experience. Below is what she thought of it! For my week of work experience I decided to go to Friars, the chocolate shop in Keswick. I am studying at Keswick School and as part of Year 10, all students experience working in a work place to get a good idea on how that particular business works.                                                                                                                      I worked shifts from 9:30am to 5:30pm from Monday to Friday. On my first... Read More


What’s the difference between Milk, White and Dark Chocolate?

We all enjoy a bit chocolate whether it’s milk, dark or white. Which is your favourite? The last thing we want to be focusing on when we are indulging in these tasty treats is nutrition, but actually there are some beneficial health aspects found in chocolate. Just as not all chocolate has the same taste qualities, different types have different nutritional values.   Dark chocolate is the most healthy and advantageous chocolate of them all. It contains lots of the natural cocoa bean solids which enhances its rich taste and... Read More