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What’s the difference between Milk, White and Dark Chocolate?

We all enjoy a bit chocolate whether it’s milk, dark or white. Which is your favourite? The last thing we want to be focusing on when we are indulging in these tasty treats is nutrition, but actually there are some beneficial health aspects found in chocolate. Just as not all chocolate has the same taste qualities, different types have different nutritional values. Dark chocolate is the most healthy and advantageous chocolate of them all. It contains lots of the natural cocoa bean solids which enhances its rich taste and are... Read More


Christmas has launched!

            From the ideal gift to decorations that will make your home look fabulous this Christmas – you can find it all at Friars.    

Jelly Belly Bean Recipes Review

Friars of Keswick offer a wide variation of Jelly Belly jelly bean flavours and different assortment ranges- jelly belly sours, ice cream parlour mix, smoothie blend and the official 50 flavours assortment. Jelly Belly has created some unique recipes which mimic the ‘true to life’ flavours of food. These are listed on the menu cards they produce, we thought we’d put them to the test and see if they actually taste as they’re meant to. Lemon Meringue Pie 8/10 Lemon + Lemon + Coconut + Coconut = Lemon Meringue Pie... Read More


Jelly Belly Festival of Art, 11th August – 16th August 2013, Keswick

Portraits  of the Queen, the Beatles and Marilyn Monroe, Shrek and others each made entirely from 10,000 jelly beans are to be put on display in the centre of Keswick on August 11th for 6 days. The pictures will form part of an exhibition of seven incredible pieces of Jelly Belly Art on loan from the private collection of Jelly Belly Candy Company, which will be seen together for the first time ever in the UK and are expected to make an amazing impact. We’ve had individual Jelly Belly art... Read More


Fabulous Chocolate Box Offer

Our fabulous new website is now live and we think it is a great improvement on the old site, hopefully you all think so to. To celebrate the launch we are giving away a FREE box of delicious Duc d’O chocolates worth £10.89 with every order over £20 excluding postage. A 500g box of Duc d’O’ flaked milk chocolate truffles will be included with every order when the promotional code is entered during the checkout process. These delicious Belgian chocolates have a light mousse centre that is covered in smooth... Read More


New website launched!

Out with the old and in with the new. We started selling our products online in January 2010 and 3 and a half years later we’ve decided that it’s time for a refresh. The new website really showcases the products with a new zoom function that enables the customer to zoom in just by mousing over the image. The site is also much cleaner and less cluttered, displays more ‘you may also like’ suggestions and is better integrated into social media applications. We will also have the ability to run... Read More