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Can Chocolate Really Improve My Mood? Friars Investigates

We understand, perhaps more than most people just how effective chocolate can be at improving your mood and making you feel better. Chocolate advertisers have been toying with this idea for years, just think of the old 80’s and 90’s chocolate adverts and you’ll plunge into a decadent, heavenly and slightly cheeky pleasure that is hard to replicate with other foods. This is all because chocolate in itself is a luxury item, one that can be enjoyed in moderation and can of course offer some physical and mental health benefits,... Read More


Find Out More About the World’s Biggest Easter Egg | Friars

Leading up to the Easter period, we love nothing more than dreaming up magical Easter chocolate creations, that’s why we invest a huge amount of time and research into producing the very best, luxury Easter chocolates. Take our Luxury Chocolate Egg-Stravaganza for example, a decadent chocolate egg with an extra thick shell made from delicious milk chocolate and a gentle touch of white chocolate, stuffed full of fantastic chocolate egg truffles. Or, why not explore our Kakoa Vegan Iconic Chocolate Easter Egg, a vegan plant based chocolate egg that boasts... Read More


Here’s Why We Eat Chocolate at Easter | Friars Chocolates

Enjoying luxury chocolates at Easter is something we all love to do. Whether it’s a classic chocolate egg, or something more creative like a bag of chocolate bunnies, many of us do find an excuse during the Easter period to consume some delicious chocolates. The question is though, how many of us have stopped to think about why we do it?  If we strip it right back, we know that Easter is of course a religious festival, it’s a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus,... Read More


Chocolate Hampers & Corporate Gifts | Order Online at Friars

Over the past year, the way we do everything has seen drastic changes, from socialising and exercising, to eating out, learning and of course, working. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has seen a huge majority of us adjust to life as remote workers. With offices closed in order to protect our communities and stop the spread of coronavirus, we need to find new and innovative ways to connect with our employees and colleagues. Zoom meetings are great – but how can we show our teams that we really care, and we’re... Read More


Chocolate Gift Boxes for Valentine’s Day | Friars Valentine’s Collection

Valentine’s Day is looming – with the prospect of going out for a romantic meal, perhaps a movie, or a few cocktails totally shattered this year, we’re all looking for ideas for the perfect night in. We can bet that the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime have a busy night on Sunday the 14th of January as we all cosy up on the sofa for a film we’ve seen a hundred times before, and of course, some delicious takeaway food.  Or, perhaps you’re doing something a little different this... Read More


Could Chocolate be the key to a Happy New Year? Friars Explores

As a luxury chocolate maker, we’re always here to fight the corner for chocolate when it comes to proving that chocolate isn’t always bad. Of course, one can over indulge but that goes for anything – when enjoyed as part of a balanced diet however, chocolate can contribute a number of health benefits, thanks to some of the properties of chocolates ingredients.  Because we make our chocolates ourselves, we know what goes into them, which is why it’s easy for us to be able to understand that chocolate can be... Read More


Get Set for Veganuary | Friars – Tips for a Plant Based Diet

January means a couple of things – a New Year, new aspirations, new desires and for many, an attempt at enjoying a new diet. ‘Veganuary’ is becoming more and more popular each year, thanks to a growing trend in plant based diets and of course, an increase in the availability of delicious vegan foods!  So, what is Veganuary? It’s an annual 31 day challenge which starts on New Years day, and aims to encourage competitors to go totally vegan for the month of January. It’s the planet based diet equivalent... Read More


Luxury Vegan Chocolate & Wine Pairings | Friars

When it comes to really indulging, it’s hard to beat the combination of good quality vegan chocolate, and a delicious wine to wash it down with. The opportunity to enjoy such delights without having a major impact on the planet, via plant based alternatives has been a long time coming, however thanks to our commitment to the cause, our research and our proven chocolate production techniques, we’re able to offer our vegan customers a truly delightful experience, with delicious vegan chocolates and delicious vegan wines that really do go seamlessly... Read More


Design Your Own Chocolate Platter this Winter | Friars

We love nothing more than sitting together and sharing a platter of delicious food. There’s something extra special about sharing food in this way, whether you’re enjoying tapas or an oriental banquet, it’s great being able to taste and experience loads of different food with your loved ones, without having to commit to having one big meal. This brings us seamlessly onto a new trend that is hitting homes this winter, a trend that combines the notion of charcuterie with cocoa and chocolate, a delicious chocolaty sharing board full of... Read More


Vegan Chocolate Christmas Gift Guide 2020

At Friars, we don’t take Vegan food lightly. To us, before the launch of Vegan Chocolatier, good quality vegan chocolates were very hard to come by, that’s because so many chocolate manufacturers simply just removed the milk from the chocolate recipe, leaving a dark and often bitter chocolate behind. We do things a little differently here, by using the finest plant based ingredients to craft our growing range of Kakoa Vegan chocolates. What better gift to give to your vegan family and friends than some lovingly crafted vegan chocolates. These... Read More