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What is Palm Oil and why are People Avoiding it? | Friars Chocolate

A new consumer trend which is becoming more and more popular as 2021 progresses is the awareness of palm oil, something that is now encouraging more and more shoppers to check if their products contain palm oil before they buy it. So, what exactly is it that is driving this new found palm oil woke-ness?  Palm Oil Basics In essence, palm oil is an edible vegetable based oil which comes from the fruit of oil palm trees. Manufacturing the oil can have two end products, crude palm oil from the... Read More


Mother’s Day Free Chocolate

Here’s to the Mums, the step Mums, the not yet Mums, the should be Mums and those without Mums. Whatever Mum means to you we have the perfect chocolate gifts to show them how much you care. This year Mother’s Day is on Sunday 22nd March and to give you a little helping hand, we will give you a free 6 chocolate taster pack of our caramel hearts with any order. It’s the best sort of caramel, the kind that gets stuck to your chin! To claim you free chocolates... Read More


Magical Christmas Chocolate Boxes

We love a bit of tradition here a Friars, a Christmas stocking with a tangerine in, new pajamas on Christmas eve and our very own tradition…..the noel chocolate box. Each year we design two sizes of bespoke Christmas chocolate boxes filled to the brim with seasonal truffles. This year we have a delightful three tiered design with each layer dedicated to either milk, white or dark chocolate. The box is then hand tied and decorated with three shooting stars. Our larger 24 chocolate box is a real show stopper. Filled... Read More