difference between chocolate


Chocolate That’s Great From The Fridge

Normally if you said you stored your chocolate in the fridge one of our staff here at Friars would give you a ticking off (in a nice way!). A cool dark place is what we suggest as the taste and appearance of the chocolate can be affected if it is exposed to extreme changes in temperature. The appearance changes as the sugar can rise to the surface making the chocolate look like it has gone mouldy, this is known as blooming. The chocolate will still be edible, although the texture... Read More


What’s the difference between Milk, White and Dark Chocolate?

We all enjoy a bit chocolate whether it’s milk, dark or white. Which is your favourite? The last thing we want to be focusing on when we are indulging in these tasty treats is nutrition, but actually there are some beneficial health aspects found in chocolate. Just as not all chocolate has the same taste qualities, different types have different nutritional values. Dark chocolate is the most healthy and advantageous chocolate of them all. It contains lots of the natural cocoa bean solids which enhances its rich taste and are... Read More