Easter Eggs


How To Plan The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt | Friars

How to plan the perfect Easter egg hunt can be a pretty daunting task when there are demanding, excited and imaginative kids to cater for. However, planning doesn’t have to be a major operation, unless you’d like it to be that is. We would love to be helpful in your planning this year and we are confident that together with our great Easter chocolates and tips we can if nothing else, provide some delicious treats and some ideas for consideration. So, the Easter egg hunt can be a short, rewarding... Read More


Find Out More About the World’s Biggest Easter Egg | Friars

Leading up to the Easter period, we love nothing more than dreaming up magical Easter chocolate creations, that’s why we invest a huge amount of time and research into producing the very best, luxury Easter chocolates. Take our Luxury Chocolate Egg-Stravaganza for example, a decadent chocolate egg with an extra thick shell made from delicious milk chocolate and a gentle touch of white chocolate, stuffed full of fantastic chocolate egg truffles. Or, why not explore our Kakoa Vegan Iconic Chocolate Easter Egg, a vegan plant based chocolate egg that boasts... Read More


Brand New For Easter 2019

Easter is a great time of year, it signals the end of winter, flowers are popping up and the days start to get longer. It is also a great excuse to get creative with chocolate…which is always fun. We have around 20 new Easter items this year making perfect gits for adults, kids, Easter hunts and even a little self indulgence. Here are our top picks. Luxury Prosecco Easter Egg Our luxury prosecco Easter egg is the perfect combination of fine prosecco and exquisite chocolate treats. All you will need... Read More