Freakshake (milkshake on steroids) Recipe

Found this recipe of a salted pertzel and chocolate freakshake (courtesy of domino.com) and just had to share it. If only Friars still had a cafe, these would be a real crowd pleaser. Ingredients Vanilla ice cream Milk Nutella Whipped cream Pretzels Pretzel dust (put pretzels in a bag and crush them with crushing device of your choice). Directions 1. Add milk, ice cream, and one very large spoonful of Nutella to your blender or food processor. blend. ​ 2. Take a large spoonful of nutella and line the interior... Read More


Best Ice Cream Toppings (why? because we said so)

Chocolate Cinder Toffee Break it up with a rolling pin and sprinkle on vanilla ice cream, food of the gods!   Milk Buttons Melt the buttons and then mix with butter, butter cream and caster sugar. Yum.   Ice Cream Flavored Jelly Beans Because it is just a party in your mouth.   Mint Fondant Delicious when broken into chocolate ice cream.   Irish Cream Fudge Add a kick to your ice cream by crumbling over some Irish cream fudge (made with real Baileys).


Chocolate Covered Bacon Recipe!

Found this recipe online courtesy of food.com and just had to share it. Bacon = yum. Chocolate = yum. It has to work…right? Serves 6 30g milk chocolate buttons 1 lb of uncooked bacon Heat large skillet on high; add bacon strips. Turn bacon strips over as needed with tongs. Cook back until it’s reduced to about ¼ of its original size and appears to be crispy. (Personally I believe that the bacon should be crispy; however if you prefer your chocolate covered bacon chewy opposed to crunchy then reduce... Read More


Fabulous Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur Cocktail Recipes

The recently launched Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur is proving to be really popular in our stores. Here are a few delicious cocktail recipes. Minthopper In a Martini Glass Run lemon over the rim of the glass Dip into a mixture of sugar and cocoa powder Into a cocktail shaker put: 50ml of Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur 50ml of double cream 6 ice cubes Shake & strain into Martini Glass Sprinkle flaked chocolate over the top Garnish with a sprig of mint   An Edmund Hillary Fill a shot glass with... Read More


Summer Raspberry and White Chocolate Milkshake

Fresh British raspberries and white chocolate are a great combination and they come together perfectly in this refreshing milkshake. Top it all off with whipped cream and crushed chocolate covered raspberries and you have a truly decadent Summer treat! Ingredients 110g fresh raspberries 1 tablespoon granulated sugar 1 teaspoon lemon juice 90g white chocolate, broken into pieces 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream 180ml milk whipped cream 100g Friars white chocolate coated raspberries fresh raspberries for garnish fresh mint for garnish Method For the Raspberry Sauce; add raspberries, sugar and... Read More


Gorgeous Fruit Scones

With the tennis well underway, we have been baking traditional fruit scones this week to celebrate! These fresh, light and delicious scones make the perfect match for watching Wimbledon, especially with this gorgeous weather we have been having. So why not give them a try yourself! Ingredients • 450g of self-raising flour • Baking powder • 85g of caster sugar • 100g of butter, diced • 284ml of buttermilk • 100ml of milk • Sultanas • Butter, jam and clotted cream for serving- we suggest using our scrumptious Tipsy Strawberry... Read More


Delicious Beetroot Brownies

This week at Friars we have been trying something a little bit different: Beetroot Brownies! Containing less than half the fat of regular brownies, we thought we would share this delicious recipe with you. Ingredients • 500g of raw beetroot • 100g of unsalted butter • Vanilla extract • 250g of golden caster sugar • 3 Eggs • 100g of plain flower • 25g of cocoa powder • 100g of dark chocolate- we chose our fabulous 70% Lindt Excellence Bar Method 1. Start by removing the top and tail of... Read More