Should You Store Chocolate In The Fridge? | Friars

It may seem a strange question; “Should you store chocolate in the fridge”? However, for many chocolate lovers it’s a pretty worthwhile one. With summer fast approaching it’s also fairly relevant as we try to keep our treats from becoming a gooey mess on the kitchen worktop or in a storage cupboard, as the temperature rises. Many of us have had that awful, and to be fair deeply disappointing moment when we unwrap a chocolate bar to find the contents oozing out in an almost liquid slick. Salvaging what we... Read More


New, Ice Cream Chocolates | Friars

Yes new for our range and yes, Ice Cream chocolates! It was probably inevitable that two of the most loved and consumed sweet delicacies should at some point be combined to offer an even better prospect for taste bud satisfaction. There aren’t many who don’t like chocolate and possibly even fewer who don’t like ice cream. Or should that be the other way round? Whichever, it certainly conjures up a delicious way to indulge in both. We have touched on the historic origins of chocolate previously, so this time it... Read More


Give the Gift of Chocolate this Summer | Shop the Perfect Summer Treat

The summer gifting season might not strike you as an important time for giving gifts (not compared to Christmas at least) but here at Friars, we can think of plenty of great reasons to give thanks to those we love with beautiful and delicious handmade chocolates. Perhaps you have a birthday to celebrate, or an anniversary?  Maybe you want to say thanks to a helper who has gone above and beyond for your and your family this year? No matter the occasion, chocolate really is the perfect gift to give... Read More


Ice Cream Chocolates

Summer is here and with it our ice cream chocolates – a little ray of sunshine this summer. We have launched three limited edition luxury ice cream chocolates this summer – in fruity, zesty and refreshing flavours. We started our research for these chocolates last summer. Regular visits (too many) were made to our local ice cream parlour for inspiration. We think we have got it just right; as ever with our limited edition chocolates we only make one batch, so once they have gone, they have gone. Remember as... Read More