Buttered Brazil Steeped In History

The history of buttered brazils is a bit of a mystery, it is believed they were first made in Scotland by John Buchanan & Bros. They started making sweets in 1869 but quite when the first buttered brazil was made is unclear. Buchanan’s Confectionery Works in Cowcaddens, c 1940s   We have been selling buttered brazils for the last 40 years and it truly is one of the great nostalgic British sweets. Whole Bolivian brazil nuts wrapped in a brittle and buttery toffee shell; making for the perfect combination of... Read More


Shhhhhh….. Whisky & Coke Sweets … and Cider Sweets

We thought we had done pretty well with the development of our delicious Prosecco Sweets and Chilli Jellies, if you haven’t tried them yet they are a must. But our sweet developers haven’t rested on their laurels and we are about to launch our new Whisky and Coke Sweets! A hard boiled sweet made with real Scotch Whisky and beautifully combined with Coca Cola. As with all our products we have experimented with the recipe and done lots of taste test (it’s a tough job) in order to get the... Read More


Jelly Belly Game (dare to compare)

Summer holidays can be tough when thinking of endless activities to entertain the kids. Worry not we have a game that will keep the kids entertained for at least an hour (our pleasure). Spin the wheel, see what colour jelly bean it lands on then try your luck. Two Jelly Beans will look identical but have a different flavour. Will it be buttered popcorn (yum!) or rotten egg (yuck!)? Or maybe you’ll get peach (yum!) or barf (yuck!)? Now you can get Harry Potter Bertie Botts jelly beans. With flavours... Read More