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Chocolate and truffles, we love to eat them both, but do we really know what makes them different from each other? Some might say it doesn’t matter, given that both are equally delicious and that’s all that matters right? Well, they could be correct, however we’re here now and we’re eager to share some knowledge with you, so, if you want to find out more about the differences between chocolates and truffles, then read on. Otherwise why not skip to the good bit and explore our truffle collections? A key... Read More


New For Summer

We have been busy over the last few weeks launching our newest additions to our fabulous chocolate range. First up, we would like to introduce you to the fabulous kir royal, a combination of smooth chocolate, blackcurrant liqueur and a splash of champagne. A quite beautiful chocolate. For those who love nuts our salted hazelnut crunch chocolate has caused quite a stir. It actually contains almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and pecans. We actually thought about calling it the ‘quadruple nut truffle’ although it is a bit of a mouthful! Some of... Read More


Our Celebration Of Desserts

Introducing the most recent addition to our chocolate collection…..the desserts box. The idea came to us last year after we developed our sticky toffee pudding chocolate (amazing by the way), which left us with a total of 6 delightful dessert chocolates. So we thought lets produce a box that celebrated all things desserts. It is fair to say it has gone down well, out of all our new chocolate boxes this has been one of the most well received among customers and even staff! The chocolates that get the best... Read More

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Bring On 2019

After a very busy Christmas it seems the right time to take a breath and reflect on last year and look ahead to 2019. We had a fantastic Valentine’s day, there was a lot of love for our heart shaped gin and prosecco truffles. The happiness and love experienced when giving or receiving a chocolate box  never seems to fade. Easter as always was full of colour and vibrancy. Our new additions to last years offerings, the gin and baileys Easter eggs, went down extremely well and so this year... Read More


Gin – Mother’s Ruin

During a long (and enjoyable) day at Friars HQ there was a discussion regarding gin and how we just can’t get enough of it. Which lead to the phrase Mother’s ruin being mentioned. After some research it turns out that gin has always been in, but for slightly different reasons. In the mid-eighteenth century Gin started out as a medicine – it was thought it could be a cure for gout and indigestion, but most attractive of all, it was cheap. In the 1730’s notices could be seen all over... Read More


Gin And Prosecco Chocolate Valentines Hearts

During the festive rush we took a break from making our famous truffle sprout chocolates and designed our Valentine signature chocolate box. Perhaps it was the time of year but we seem to have put the ‘merry’ into Valentine’s Day. Our delightful gift box contains gin, prosecco and strawberry and champagne heart truffles. We did seem to come to our senses and added the most delicious sea salt caramel and praline truffle. Oh and not forgetting our passion fruit chocolate…it is Valentine’s Day after all. Our chocolate hearts are handmade... Read More


Check Out Our Brand New Chocolate Liqueurs

After much customer feedback we are pleased to launch our new 8 chocolate liqueur range. Some of our best selling chocolates now beautifully packaged and perfect for giving or a little self indulgence. With the more delicate flavours of champagne, strawberry, gin (yes gin, more to come later) and Irish cream we have used a delightful textured white box, magnificently complimented by a zingy coloured wrap. Our cherry and rum liqueurs have kept the original black box but have been given a new lease of life with bold coloured wraps.... Read More


Cool Down With A Bit Of Spice

During these long warm summer days the mind starts to wander and you may start asking yourself strange questions like; why cultures in the hottest locations on earth eat hot and spicy foods? Well it did come up for discussion in at Friars HQ one afternoon. So we decided to put it to the test and eat copious amounts of chocolate from our delightful Chilli Collection. There is some science behind the theory, it’s actually pretty smart when you think about it — spicy foods raises your body temperate, which... Read More


Chocolate Tasters Now Save 10% When You Buy 3

A sophisticated range of irresistible chocolates for the real enthusiast, the perfect way to try something new and adventurous or get cosy with an old favorite.  Now with 53 different flavours to choose from there really is a fabulous choice. Simply add three taster packs to your shopping basket and 10% will be taken off automatically.  

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Champagne vs Prosecco… What’s all the fizz about?

If that Friday feeling leaves you wanting something with a little fizz in it chances are you’ll be reaching for a bottle of  sparkling wine. Depending on the location and types of grapes used will determine if it’s labeled Champagne or Prosecco. History of Champagne There are lots of rules associated with the Champagne label. Those rules are part of the reason why it is more expensive than Prosecco. Rule No. 1:  To be called Champagne it must be produced from specific grapes grown in the Champagne region in France.... Read More