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Why Is Lecithin Used When Making Vegan Chocolate? | Friars

Have you ever questioned why Lecithin is used in the manufacture of Vegan chocolate? In order to answer that, it would be useful to understand what Lecithin is and how it is used. (Here at Friars, our KAKOA range of vegan chocolates incorporates Sunflower lecithin.) Lecithin is a generic term for a group of fats that are essential to cells in the human body. It can be found naturally in many foods including soybeans and egg yolks. From our diet, lecithin provides the main source of choline which is itself... Read More


Top 3 Vegan Chocolates You Need To Try | Friars

For all you lovers of fine Vegan chocolates, here are our top 3 Vegan options you really should try. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you simply the best Vegan and Dairy free chocolates going. So, settle back, feast your eyes, ready your palate, and read on as we outline these beauties to you. Salted Caramel Is there anyone who doesn’t love salted caramel? Maybe, but they are probably in a minority. Here is a chocolate that just sort of smooths its way into your taste buds. Melts... Read More


Best Vegan Easter Eggs | Friars

Best Vegan Easter eggs you might repeat. Are there such things? Well yes there are, and very good they are too. You may have read our recent blog regarding the story of giving chocolate Easter eggs. Well, following on from that we would like to bring you another take on the much loved chocolate Easter egg. Still chocolate, but in it’s finest Vegan form. Every bit as good as dairy, but suitable for anyone with dairy intolerance, or quite simply with a preference for products with no animal based ingredients.... Read More


What are the ingredients of Vegan Chocolate? | Friars

Just what are the ingredients of Vegan chocolate? Primarily, and delivering good news for the Vegans amongst us, chocolate, in it’s purest form is in fact Vegan. Made from cacao beans, which in turn grow not surprisingly on cacao trees, makes it entirely plant based. It only comes within the animal based food regime when processed with additional ingredients such as milk, and or, milk product derivatives and some animal fats and flavourings . Therefore Vegan chocolate does not contain any ingredients derived from the animal world. Many Vegan chocolate... Read More


Award Winning Vegan Chocolate | Friars

Vegan Chocolate is becoming increasingly popular amongst all types of chocolate connoisseurs, so one can imagine how, “Award Winning Vegan Chocolate”, can really capture the imagination.Whatever ones preconceived perceptions around the Vegan aspect of food or as in this case confectionery, the test is to take the plunge and decide for yourself just how good these products are. Particularly here, where treating your taste-buds would become a most special occasion by having them experience justifiably acclaimed, award winning vegan chocolates from our Kakoa range. Kakoa Vegan Chocolates Don’t just take... Read More


How Vegan Milk Chocolate Is Made | Friars

So how is vegan milk chocolate made? Well I suppose a good starting point is to define vegan in the context of chocolate making. Here’s the good news. In its raw form chocolate is, yes you guessed it, vegan! What makes this a fact is that chocolate is derived from the cacao bean, the fruit of the cacao tree and thus it is indeed inherently plant based. Therefore, in its unadulterated form the cacao bean begins the process resulting in the creation of the delight we all know as chocolate.... Read More


Committed to Making our Vegan Chocolates Soya Free | Friars Vegan Chocolate

At Friars, when it comes to looking at chocolate for people with special diets, we’re always researching pioneering techniques to help to ensure our chocolate treats are more accessible to more people. Starting with our Kakoa Vegan Chocolate collections (previously called Vegan Chocolatier) we’ve improved and enhanced recipes to ensure our products are better for you, and better for the planet. That’s why we’re one of the first chocolate manufacturers to create ‘soya free’ chocolates that have been designed for people on soya free diets. Moreover, by swapping out soya... Read More


Best Vegan Chocolate Flavours for Summer 2021 | Friars

Chocolate lovers all unite knowing that chocolate isn’t just for Christmas and in fact the warmer summer months are often the best time to enjoy chocolate. Why? Because chocolate is fabulous, whatever the weather! Our Kakoa Vegan Chocolate Range has been lovingly created to make getting hold of luxury vegan chocolates easier than ever before. We use quality plant based ingredients such as Oat Milk to craft our vegan chocolate truffles to ensure that they leave as little a mark on our beautiful planet as possible. Our packaging is even... Read More


How we reduce air miles with our Vegan Oat Milk | Friars

One of the major problems with finding cruelty free alternatives to ingredients such as milk is that often, producing the alternatives can be quite harmful to the environment. Whether it’s using Almonds grown internationally, or other products that require a lot of processing with water, sometimes vegan food manufacturers can end up contributing to an overly large carbon output, which as we know can be harmful to our planet.  At Friars, when we first designed our Kakoa Vegan Chocolate range we wanted to produce a product that was as eco-conscious... Read More


2021 See’s Huge Surge in Demand for Vegan Chocolate

Through 2021 and the end of 2020 during the festive season. Chocolate makers such as ourselves have seen a huge demand for vegan and plant based chocolates, as more and more people choose to switch over to living a more balanced and conscious lifestyle. Vegan chocolates are all about ensuring that luxury items can be produced in a cruelty free manner without the use of animal products, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way – that’s why our vegan chocolates are produced to very high standards and specifications, using responsibly... Read More