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Chocolate Making

Not all chocolates are born equal. As with all fine food it begins with the raw material, in our case – the cocoa. We import the finest Belgian chocolate; this may cost more but it is worth it as it makes a superior chocolate. The kind of chocolate that connects beautifully with your senses, where you savour every bite.

We have an idea, that’s how it starts. The spark may be a delicious meal or cocktail, sometimes that is all it needs. Our master chocolatier will then start experimenting with flavour combinations until they feel the chocolate is perfectly balanced. Next, it is put before our tasting panel, where it must score at least 9 out of 10 from all five panel members for it to go into production. The panel independently score the chocolate on flavour, texture, and appearance amongst other things. So as you can see, a Friars chocolate is no ordinary chocolate.



We are proud of the fact that we still make a proportion of our chocolates by hand. You can’t beat the taste of handmade chocolate, perhaps it is to do with the appreciation of the craftsmanship that seems to add to the pleasure. Our chocolates are made from scratch, by hand, which includes making the chocolate shell. This has to be the right thickness and have the perfect ‘snap’ for that first bite. The filling is whipped, blended or left to infuse, depending on the desired flavour and texture. Finally, each chocolate is dipped and finished by hand meaning each one has its own unique charm.

We are immensely proud of our history and heritage. Our rose & violet creams are the same ones that William Long sold on that first day of opening back in 1927. Quality and innovation are at the heart of our chocolate making; we were the first to make a prosecco truffle. We then followed that up with our fabulous handmade gin truffle. More recently we decided to move away from the traditional Easter egg and launched our famous hot cross bun truffles.

From the raw ingredients to the delicious final chocolates, we take pride in and enjoy the whole chocolate making process. We assure you that once you try one of our chocolates, you will understand. After all, life’s too short, so why settle for ordinary chocolate?!

Why Choose Chocolates from Friars?

Expertise and experience in chocolate making

From iconic truffles to signature caramels and more, the team at Friars is committed to crafting exceptional chocolates. And now, with the convenience of chocolate online delivery, you can have these delectable treats delivered right to your doorstep.

Use of premium-quality ingredients

At Friars, we use only premium-quality ingredients, such as cocoa butter, cream, nuts and fruits, in our chocolates. Our chocolate is made of cacao beans roasted to perfection before being blended with other delicious ingredients.

Attention to detail and passion for chocolate making

Chocolate making is an art form that requires precision, attention to detail and a deep understanding of flavour. With our convenient chocolate deliveries, you can indulge in Friars’ handcrafted creations no matter where you are.


The Art of Chocolate Making at Friars

Focus on traditional techniques and innovation

Our master chocolatiers are dedicated to preserving traditional methods while embracing modern advances in their craftsmanship. By combining a reverence for classic recipes with an openness to new ideas, we’ve managed to stay current while still honouring our history.

Experts in tempering and moulding chocolate

We take pride in carrying out each step of the chocolate-making process with precision and care—from tempering the finest cocoa butter to shaping it into beautiful creations. By carefully controlling the temperature throughout the process, we can achieve that melt-in-your-mouth texture that defines our chocolates.

Creation of unique and signature chocolates

From traditional truffles to innovative new flavours, each confection at Friars is special in its own way. Enjoy one-of-a-kind chocolates, unforgettable flavours, and delivery services that won’t disappoint.


Range of Chocolates at Friars

Our range includes seasonal collections like our popular Easter eggs and heart-shaped Valentine’s chocolates. Our signature chocolate boxes are available in wide varieties, including signature chocolate made in the UK, Valentine’s chocolate, milk, dessert chocolates, fabulously fruity, blissfully boozy, signature truffles, exquisite white, delectably dark and signature tiered boxes.

Dark, milk and white options

Friars’ chocolates cater to all tastes, with milk, dark and white options available. Our dark chocolates feature an intense depth of flavour and smooth texture. For those who prefer something a little sweeter, our milk chocolate will surely delight you. We also have white chocolate bars—perfect for making gourmet desserts or simply indulging in its creamy sweetness on its own.

Flavoured chocolates and chocolate gifts

From classic milk chocolate to more unusual flavours, such as coffee, champagne, ginger, rum and lime and chilli, Friars has something to appeal to everyone. You can also pick up some delicious chocolate gifts from our extensive range, which includes boxes of truffles, gift hampers or even bars with personalised messages for that extra special touch.

Chocolate hampers and corporate chocolates

Friars’ chocolate hampers come in various sizes and assortments, making them ideal gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. Each hamper includes an exquisite selection of truffles, crunchy pralines, creamy caramels and more. For businesses looking for something truly unique, Friars also offers custom corporate chocolates and tailored chocolate gift packages.


Indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience with Friars, where every bite is a masterpiece crafted with love and precision. Our chocolate-making process is a celebration of quality ingredients, passion and expertise, resulting in chocolates that are visually stunning and bursting with flavour.

Discover the magic of Friars’ chocolates and experience the difference for yourself. Treat yourself today to a well-worth indulgence.



How is chocolate made?

Chocolate making is an art and a science combined, and the process begins with harvesting cocoa beans. After fermentation and drying, the beans are roasted to bring out their chocolate flavour. The roasted beans are then crushed into a paste and mixed with other ingredients, such as sugar, milk and flavourings. Finally, the chocolate is tempered to give it a shiny appearance, smooth texture and improved shelf life.

When was chocolate made?

Chocolate, a beloved treat enjoyed by millions, has a rich history that dates back to ancient civilisations. It was enjoyed by Aztec and Mayan elites as a bitter beverage. Later, it was brought to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors, where sugar was added to make it more palatable. In the 18th century, chocolatier Joseph Fry revolutionised the chocolate industry by inventing the first chocolate bar, making it an accessible treat for all.