Vegan Easter Eggs

Step into the world of Kakoa this Easter and discover the pinnacle of vegan indulgence with our iconic oat milk chocolate eggs. Crafted for the discerning palate, our extra thick vegan Easter eggs come in tantalising flavours, including the much-loved cookies and cream. But that's just the beginning.
Dive deeper into our collection and find exquisite filled truffle eggs oozing with velvety vegan caramel and rich peanut butter. With Kakoa, this Easter is all about celebrating unparalleled vegan luxury.
Luxury vegan Easter egg
Vegan Chocolate Easter Egg
Discover Kakoa's Iconic Easter Egg, a masterpiece in vegan chocolate artistry, tailor-made for the Easter festivities. Encased within is a uniquely geometric milk chocolate Easter egg, setting a new gold standard for vegan Easter presents. Crafted with rice and oat milk, it offers the decadence of top-tier chocolate, sans the dairy. Complementing this showstopper are 12 delectable vegan chocolates. Dive into peanut butter truffle eggs, savour the Cookies and Cream truffle eggs, or relish the bold dark chocolate orange truffle. A symphony of flavours awaits to enchant your palate this Easter.
Vegan Brownie Oat M!lk Easter Egg
For the true chocolate aficionados who prefer dairy-free delights, Kakoa presents the brownie Easter egg, an embodiment of perfection. Its robust oat milk shell, embedded with cookie bits, ensures every bite resonates with the genuine taste of brownies. Crafted using a blend of rice and oat milk, this artisanal Easter egg delivers the richness of high-quality chocolate, minus the dairy.
Vegan Cookies and Cream Oat M!lk Easter Egg
Experience the lush fusion of vegan white chocolate, meticulously crafted into an extra thick shell, and studded with vegan cookie bits to bring forth a divine cookies & cream Easter egg. With rice and oat milk at its foundation, this artisan Easter egg offers the depth of premium chocolate flavour, devoid of dairy. It's the ideal treat for those on a vegan journey or those sidestepping dairy in their diet
Vegetarian Easter eggs
Dive into the world of Friars and discover a haven for vegetarian chocolate enthusiasts. We're proud to present an extensive range of Vegetarian Easter eggs, each crafted with meticulous attention to taste, texture, and ethical standards. With Friars, vegetarians don't have to compromise on flavor or variety during the festive season. Our collection is a testament to the rich possibilities of vegetarian chocolate, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the Easter festivities to the fullest
Dairy and egg free Easter eggs
Discover the exquisite taste of fairy and egg free Easter eggs tailored for those with discerning dietary needs. Every bite promises the authentic richness of premium chocolate, ensuring that you don't miss out on the festive indulgence. Perfect for those allergic or opting for a specific diet, these dairy and egg free Easter eggs stand as a testament to inclusive celebration, ensuring everyone can partake in the Easter festivities with delight.
Vegan Easter eggs delivered
Experience the magic of Vegan Easter eggs, masterfully crafted from the richest dairy-free chocolate, now available for doorstep delivery. Every bite promises pure, chocolatey indulgence without any dairy ingredients. Whether it's a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one, our Vegan Easter eggs are a testament to how delectable dairy-free celebrations can be. Relish in the convenience of having luscious vegan and dairy-free Easter delights delivered straight to you.