Goldkenn Chocolates

Step into a world of Swiss excellence and indulgence with Goldkenn liqueur chocolates, your ultimate destination for luxury treats and gifts. Seamlessly merging Swiss chocolate-making expertise with renowned spirits like Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan, Goldkenn offers an exquisite range of liqueur chocolates that promise a truly exceptional taste experience.
Designed for discerning palates, each carefully curated selection aims to captivate and delight.
Our online store is your go-to source for Goldkenn chocolates, and we've made it easier than ever to shop for these luxurious confections.
History of Goldkenn chocolates
Goldkenn was founded in Geneva (Switzerland), on the shores of Lake Geneva, in 1980, and has been based in Le Locle (Switzerland) since 2011, a UNESCO world heritage city known throughout the world for its watchmaking industry, located in the heart of the legendary Watch Valley.
With the mantra; innovative, whilst upholding the traditions of Switzerland's master chocolatiers. Goldkenn has become a world leader in premium liqueur chocolates. Following their desire to move away from conventional chocolate by offering new and innovative products, Goldkenn has entered into partnerships with the major spirits brands and distilleries, creating the Swiss Chocolate Liqueur Collection which offers consumers a sumptuous mix of the finest Swiss chocolate and liqueurs.
Goldkenn milk chocolate range
Discover Goldkenn chocolate; where Swiss precision meets luxury chocolate. Premium liqueur chocolate combined with famous liqueurs such as Jack Daniel's, Famous Grouse and Morgan Spiced Rum, a chocolate connoisseurs dream. Looking for the perfect chocolate liqueur? Whether the person in your life fancy's Famous Grouse chocolates, covets Captain Morgan or has a love for all liqueur tipples, you've come to the right place.
Goldkenn Jack Daniel's Liqueur Chocolate Bars
Squares of premium Goldkenn Swiss milk chocolate, each filled with a generous splash of Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey liqueur. This chocolate bar is a must-have for any Jack Daniel's enthusiast, skilfully marrying the creaminess of Swiss chocolate with the robust flavours of the iconic American whiskey.
Goldkenn Captain Morgan Rum Liqueur Chocolate Bar
Savour the exquisite blend of premium Goldkenn Swiss milk chocolate enveloping a luscious centre filled with Captain Morgan Rum liqueur. This decadent chocolate bar is a true delight for both rum aficionados and chocolate lovers, offering a smooth, creamy texture that perfectly complements the bold richness of the rum liqueur. Experience the seamless fusion of two beloved indulgences in every captivating bite.
Goldkenn chocolate letterbox gifts
Discover the ease and elegance of gifting with Goldkenn chocolate letterbox gifts, the perfect solution for any occasion requiring a touch of Swiss luxury. Renowned for their mastery in blending fine Swiss chocolate with premium liqueurs like Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan, Goldkenn has crafted an assortment of chocolates that are not only delicious but also designed to fit perfectly through your letterbox.