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Welcome to the ultimate destination for Anton Berg chocolates, a brand synonymous with luxury, quality, and Danish tradition. Are you searching for the perfect gift or looking to indulge your own senses? Our curated selection of Anton Berg chocolate boxes, gourmet marzipan, and speciality items promises to elevate your taste experience like never before.
With Anton Berg, each bite is more than just a treat; it's a journey through layers of exquisite flavour and craftsmanship. Shop with us today to discover why Anton Berg chocolates are the ideal choice for any occasion. Experience the harmony of fine chocolate craftsmanship, where taste meets luxury.
About Anthon Berg chocolate
Danish chocolate maker Anthon Berg has been making premium chocolate boxes since way back in 1884. Originally Anthon Berg was a greengrocer but after a successful experiment on the sweet side, Anthon Berg switch from carrots to chocolates. They are now famous throughout the world for making luxury chocolate marzipan and chocolate liqueurs.
Once Anthon Berg switched from greengrocer to chocolate maker, Anthon Berg developed a cult following and word spread quickly. 1922 saw the rise of liqueur and chocolate as a premium delicacy for chocoholics through out Europe. Anthon Berg was at the forefront of this innovation and within a few years was producing 12 varieties of such chocolates. Things really changed for the company in 1972 when they acquired a patent for a chocolate machine that filled small bottle shaped chocolates with liquid liqueur. Allowing Anthon Berg to make 100,000 chocolates day. The famous bottle shaped chocolates along with Anthon Berg marzipan soon became favourites throughout Europe and beyond.
In 1957 Anthon Berg was awarded the Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court. A similar award to the Royal Warrant of Appointment here in the UK. The royal stamp of approval just shows how highly regarded and delicious Anthon Berg chocolates are.
Types of Anthon Berg chocolate
Here at Friars we specialise in Anthon Berg marzipan, world renowned for its premium quality.
Anthon Berg cherry in rum marzipan
Indulge in the decadent harmony of flavours with Anthon Berg's Cherry in Rum Marzipan chocolates. Each piece is a miniature masterpiece, encapsulating the richness of ripe cherries soaked in premium rum, enveloped by a layer of smooth, almond-infused marzipan. All of these exquisite elements are then enrobed in a luscious coat of dark chocolate, creating a sophisticated taste profile that dances between fruity, nutty, and boozy notes.
Anthon Berg strawberry in sparkling wine marzipan
Experience the delicate allure of Anthon Berg's Strawberry in Sparkling Wine Marzipan chocolates—a luxurious treat that effortlessly combines fruitiness, effervescence, and nutty richness. Each exquisite piece features luscious strawberry puree infused with the lively notes of premium sparkling wine, all beautifully encased in a layer of velvety marzipan. The final touch? A rich coating of premium dark chocolate that adds depth and complexity to each bite.
Anthon Berg Plum in Madeira marzipan
Delight in the unique and sophisticated flavours of Anthon Berg's Plum in Madeira Marzipan chocolates, a culinary masterpiece that marries fruit, wine, and nutty undertones in perfect harmony. Each elegantly crafted piece starts with the deep, rich flavour of succulent plums soaked in fine Madeira wine. This fruity core is then enveloped in a layer of velvety marzipan, offering a smooth, almond-rich texture that complements the complexity of the plum and Madeira infusion. The experience is completed with a final layer of premium dark chocolate, adding a touch of bitterness that perfectly balances the sweetness of the inner ingredients.
Housed in Anthon Berg's iconic, luxurious packaging, this delectable treat makes an excellent gift for the discerning palate or a sublime personal indulgence.
Send Anthon Berg chocolate
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