Palm Oil Free Chocolate

Step into a world of responsible indulgence with our palm oil free chocolate. Crafted with precision and a commitment to sustainability, each bite is a testament to flavour and environmental consciousness. Choose chocolate without palm oil and embrace a treat that's not only delicious, but also aligns with the ethos of environmental stewardship.
Enjoy chocolate the way nature intended, pure, luscious, and without compromise.
What is palm oil?
Palm oil is a type of edible vegetable oil that comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree, specifically the African oil palm Elaeis guineensis. It's native to West Africa but has been introduced to and is now cultivated in many tropical regions, with Indonesia and Malaysia currently being the world's largest producers.
Why is palm oil used in chocolate?
Palm oil is incorporated into chocolate for its ability to provide a smooth and creamy texture, its cost-effectiveness, and its aptitude for extending product shelf life. Additionally, it serves as a substitute for trans fats, offering a desired mouthfeel without the health concerns of hydrogenated oils. However, environmental and ethical considerations linked to its production have spurred many chocolate manufacturers to source sustainable options or seek alternatives.
Why is palm oil bad?
Palm oil production is associated with several environmental and social concerns. The cultivation often involves large-scale deforestation of tropical rainforests, leading to significant habitat loss for endangered species, such as orangutans. This deforestation also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and impacts indigenous communities through land rights disputes. Unsustainable palm oil production can result in biodiversity loss and social conflicts, making it a contentious ingredient in the global market.
Our palm oil free chocolate
Dark chocolate orangettes
The concerns surrounding palm oil production, from deforestation to habitat loss for endangered species, have heightened the demand for products like our palm oil free chocolate. Our beautifully candied orange peels, hand-dipped in rich, dark Belgian chocolate without palm oil, not only cater to these concerns but also offer a delectable indulgence for chocolate orange enthusiasts and serve as an impeccable after-dinner treat.
Florentine chocolates
For those conscious of the environmental and ethical issues linked with palm oil, we present our palm oil free chocolate delight. Experience a bite-sized, crunchy Florentine, crafted with slivered almonds, pistachios, and rich caramel, perfectly complementing a half-dipped smooth hazelnut praline chocolate without palm oil. It's an indulgence that chocolate and nut-lovers will find irresistibly harmonious. Truly, they're made for each other.
Orange fondant creams
Indulge in our palm oil free chocolate offering: a delectable dark chocolate delight filled with a zesty orange-flavoured fondant cream centre. Enrobed in a rich 65% cocoa dark chocolate without palm oil, each piece is meticulously dipped and hand-finished, giving it an individual touch of charm. Truly a treat for those who appreciate craftsmanship and sustainability in their chocolates.
Send chocolate by post
In this digital era of emails and instant messages, choosing to send chocolate by post serves as a heart-warming gesture of genuine thoughtfulness. But our palm oil free chocolate brings more than just the sheer delight of cacao—it's the exhilaration of anticipation, the unexpected joy of a package on the doorstep, and the happiness in unwrapping a thoughtful gift. With every chocolate without palm oil you send by post, you're not just dispatching a sweet treat but a cascade of emotions, cherished memories, and shared moments. Whether marking a special occasion or brightening someone's day, every bite bridges the miles, creating closeness and connection.

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