The Luxe Boxes

Friars signature chocolates are delectable treats that make the perfect gift for any occasion. Artfully crafted using only premium ingredients, these luxury chocolates have delighted customers for years. Our signature chocolates come in an array of delicious flavours and textures, including dark, milk, white and vegan varieties to cater to every taste.
Whether you’re looking for something sweet to share with family or friends or want to treat yourself to something special, our signature chocolates are sure to delight you. From classic favourites like truffles, pralines and caramels to unique selections like chilli & lime and dark rum, there is something for everyone in our carefully crafted confections.
Buy chocolates online, made with only the best ingredients and hand-picked by experts. Browse Friars’ Signature Chocolates here.
Ingredients: Finest Quality Cocoa
Our Signature Chocolates are a delicious classic enjoyed by people all over for generations. Our recipe remains true to its roots, making sure that we use only the finest quality cocoa for our signature creations.
We believe that to make truly world-class confectionery, it's essential to start with the best ingredients. That is why we source our cocoa beans from only the top plantations. Each batch is carefully inspected before being processed to ensure the quality of our cocoa beans.
Our Signature Chocolates are then crafted using carefully developed recipes and traditional methods to enhance their unique flavour and texture. This is how we create chocolates that keep our customers coming back.
Flavours: Wide Range of Rich Tastes
Those seeking a unique chocolate taste will find a wide variety of rich flavours and tastes in Friars’ signature chocolates. From sweet to savoury, everyone will find something they enjoy. Each signature chocolate is made with carefully selected ingredients and crafted with an eye towards flavour as well as presentation. Whether you're searching for traditional milk chocolate or looking to explore novel options such as Turkish delight, our selection has plenty for you to choose from. Looking to order chocolate online? Check out some of our signature chocolates below:
Irish cream – Made with layers of smooth white chocolate topped with indulgent dark chocolate flakes. Each velvety bite melts in your mouth, leaving a lingering taste of deliciousness.
Strawberry cupcake – A sweet treat bursting with vibrant colours and flavours combining the pairing of strawberries and cream and topped with a mousse swirl
Chilli & lime – An unexpected but delicious combination. With this delectable dark chocolate truffle infused with zesty lime and a hint of chilli, every bite will have you wanting more.
Florentine – Delicious bite-sized Florentine with slivered almonds, pistachios and caramel, topped with smooth hazelnut praline chocolate. Perfectly combining sweet, bitter and nutty flavours to create one delicious treat.
Mousse – Milk chocolate cup filled with a rich chocolate mousse and topped with cocoa nibs. Its light texture makes it a perfect choice for special occasions as well as an everyday indulgence and treat.
Packaging: Special Design and Care
Our Signature Chocolates are packaged with exceptional care, designed to protect the chocolates and add an elegant touch to your special occasion. We use only the best materials to ensure that every chocolate arrives fresh and safe from potential damage.
The care we put into our packaging is part of what makes Friars’ Signature Chocolates unique. The boxes we use are entirely recyclable and biodegradable. Inside each box lies a recyclable and biodegradable tray packed in NatureFlex, a wood pulp alternative to polypropylene bags.
Sweet Delights Await You with Friars’ Signature Chocolates
Sending chocolates online is easy and effortless with Friars. Our team of talented chocolatiers creates each chocolate with the utmost care and quality for a taste you'll never forget. Classic favourites, as well as seasonal confections, are available in our collection of signature chocolates. No matter what type of treat you are looking for or what gift you want to send, we've got all your chocolate cravings covered.

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