Chocolate Dots

Indulge in the rich, creamy taste of our luxury chocolate buttons, made from the finest quality chocolate and crafted to perfection. Our luxury chocolate buttons are perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life and want to experience the ultimate chocolatey delight.
Our chocolate buttons are available in a range of flavours, including milk, caramel, cappuccino, orange and 70% cocoa dark, each with its own unique taste. We use only the finest ingredients to create our chocolate buttons, ensuring that every bite is rich, smooth, and full of flavour.
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Our Chocolate Couverture Flavours
Orange Chocolate Buttons
Made from the finest quality milk chocolate infused with natural orange flavour, these delicious chocolate buttons are bursting with citrusy goodness in every bite. Whether you're a fan of orange and chocolate pairings or simply looking for a new and exciting flavour to try, our orange chocolate buttons are sure to impress.
Add them to brownies or cookies for a zesty twist on classic treats, or melt them down for a rich and creamy dipping sauce for fruit, marshmallows, and more.
Cappuccino Chocolate Buttons
A delicious and indulgent treat to satisfy your coffee cravings! Made with high-quality milk chocolate and infused with rich and creamy cappuccino flavour, these chocolate buttons are the perfect combination of sweet and coffee goodness in every bite.
Perfect for snacking on their own or for adding to your favourite recipes. Try adding them to chocolate chip cookies or brownies for a deliciously rich and coffee-flavoured twist, or melt them down for a creamy and decadent coffee dipping sauce.
Strawberry Chocolate Buttons
Strawberries and cream is a classic combination that has been enjoyed for generations, now reinvented in chocolate. The sweetness of ripe, juicy strawberries perfectly complements the rich, creamy white chocolate.
Caramel Chocolate Buttons
Our best selling combo of caramel and chocolate, features rich and creamy milk chocolate paired with smooth and buttery caramel, creating a heavenly flavour combination that will satisfy any sweet tooth. The combination of the two flavours creates a perfect balance of sweetness and richness, making this treat the perfect indulgence for any chocolate lover.
These chocolates are perfect for snacking on their own or for adding to your favourite recipes. Try adding them to brownies or cookies for a deliciously gooey and chocolatey twist, or melt them down for a creamy and decadent dipping sauce.
70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Buttons
Crafted with the finest quality cocoa beans and expertly blended to achieve a smooth and velvety texture, our 70% Belgian dark chocolate is the perfect choice for those seeking a bold and intense chocolate experience. With a deep and complex flavour profile that combines notes of dried fruit and roasted nuts with a hint of bitterness, this chocolate is sure to satisfy any chocolate connoisseur's palate.
Serving Suggestions
Chocolate buttons are a versatile and delicious ingredient that can be used in a wide range of recipes, or enjoyed on their own as a sweet and indulgent snack. Here are some of the most popular uses for chocolate buttons:
Baking - Chocolate buttons can be used as a topping or decoration for cakes, cookies, muffins, and other baked goods. They can also be melted and used in recipes for brownies, fudge, and other desserts.
Hot chocolate - Melted chocolate buttons can be added to hot milk to make a rich and creamy hot chocolate.
Chocolate Fondue - Melted chocolate buttons can be used as a dipping sauce for fruit, marshmallows, and other treats in a fondue pot.
Ice cream toppings - Chocolate buttons can be added to ice cream for a crunchy and chocolatey topping.
Gift giving - Chocolate buttons are a great gift for any chocolate lover, and can be packaged in decorative boxes or bags for a special touch.
Chocolate By Post
Indulge in the convenience of having delicious chocolate delivered straight to your door!
At Friars we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality chocolate, crafted with care and attention to detail. Whether you're looking for classic milk chocolate, rich and intense dark chocolate, or something a little more unique, we have a wide range of chocolates to choose from.
Our chocolates are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive at your door in perfect condition, whether you're ordering for yourself or sending a gift to a loved one. And with fast and reliable shipping, you can enjoy your chocolate in no time.