Advent Calendars

Get ready to count down the days to the most magical holiday of the year with our exceptional range of chocolate Advent calendars. Perfect for both children and adults, these calendars turn the wait for Christmas into a daily celebration, complete with gourmet treats behind each door.
Whether you're searching for vegan options, traditional milk chocolate, or even liqueur-infused delights, our extensive selection has something to suit every taste and dietary preference. Make this festive season one to remember by choosing from our curated collection of chocolate Advent calendars, designed to add a touch of sweetness to each day leading up to Christmas.
The history of chocolate advent calendars
The tradition of the Advent calendar dates back to the 19th century and has its origins in Germany. However, the concept of incorporating chocolate into these calendars is a relatively more recent innovation that took hold in the mid-20th century. Before chocolate became the go-to treat, Advent calendars were often filled with pictures, poems, or small toys. Some families even marked the days leading up to Christmas by drawing chalk lines on a door or lighting candles.
The introduction of chocolate into Advent calendars provided a delightful twist to the Christmas countdown. It's said that the first chocolate Advent calendar was produced in the late 1950s, and it quickly gained popularity. It's a tradition that perfectly blends the joy of expectation with the pleasure of indulgence, capturing the essence of the holiday season in 24 bites.
Chocolate truffle advent calendar
Discover the ultimate way to count down to Christmas with our exclusive Advent calendar, brimming with an array of hand-picked, luxurious chocolates. Elevate each day of December with unique flavours like Cointreau, champagne, caramel, praline, and more, as you eagerly await the holiday festivities.
Chocolate liqueur advent calendar
Elevate your holiday countdown with our exceptional Advent calendar, featuring an exquisite array of premium dark chocolate liqueurs. Experience the rich flavours of Cointreau, Kirsch, Grand Marnier, Poire William, Remy Martin VSOP, and Rum Saint James as you mark each day leading up to Christmas. It's the perfect blend of indulgence and anticipation.
Vegan chocolate advent calendar
Indulge in a sumptuous countdown to Christmas with our deluxe vegan chocolate Advent calendar. Filled with 19 distinct, premium chocolates crafted from rice and almond milk as a dairy-free alternative, this calendar is a taste sensation. Savour exceptional flavours like ultimate milk peanut butter and tipsy champagne truffles, ensuring each day leading up to the holiday is a delicious adventure.
Chocolate advent calendars delivered
Experience the joy of the holiday season without leaving the comfort of your home with our Chocolate Advent calendars delivered right to your doorstep. Perfect for individuals and families alike, these calendars turn the anticipation of Christmas into a daily celebration, offering a gourmet chocolate treat behind each door. Whether you crave traditional flavours or desire something more exotic, our range includes options to cater to every palate.

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