Vegetarian Chocolate

Embrace a world where indulgence meets ethical choices with our premium range of vegetarian chocolate. Carefully crafted without compromising on taste, our chocolates cater to those who seek the rich flavours of cocoa while adhering to vegetarian principles.
Every bite offers a guilt-free experience, ensuring that you're not only treating your taste buds, but also making a conscious choice. Explore our exquisite range and find out why our vegetarian chocolate is making waves among chocolate lovers worldwide. Whether you're searching for a gift or a personal treat, our collection promises the finest in vegetarian delights. Dive in, and let the flavours speak for themselves!
What makes chocolate vegetarian?
Chocolate in its basic form is inherently vegetarian, since it's derived from the cocoa plant. However, the distinction between vegetarian and non-vegetarian chocolates comes into play when we consider the additives and processing agents involved. Here's what generally makes a chocolate vegetarian:
No Gelatin: Gelatin, often used in candies and some fillings, is derived from animal bones and is not vegetarian. Vegetarian chocolates ensure that no gelatin or any other animal-derived ingredients are used.
Dairy Considerations: While dairy is permissible in a vegetarian diet (making it different from a vegan diet), some vegetarians choose chocolates with ethically sourced or organic dairy to ensure the humane treatment of animals.
No Insect-Derived Additives: Shellac, sometimes used as a confectionery glaze, is derived from the secretions of the female lac insect. Vegetarian chocolates don't use shellac or any similar insect-derived ingredients.
No Animal-Based Colourings: Some food colourings, like carmine or cochineal extract, which is used for red and pink hues, are derived from insects. Vegetarian chocolates avoid such colourings.
Ethical Sourcing: Beyond just the ingredients, many people who choose vegetarian chocolates are also concerned with ethical sourcing, ensuring that the cocoa was harvested without exploiting labourers or causing environmental damage.
Avoidance of Cross-Contamination: Some strict vegetarians also look for assurances that their chocolate hasn't been made on equipment shared with non-vegetarian products, to avoid cross-contamination.
Friars vegetarian chocolate
Salted caramel collection
Our vegetarian chocolate universe proudly showcases the epitome of indulgence: the Friars salted caramel collection. Elegantly curated, this collection weaves together the luxuriously creamy essence of chocolate with the luscious sweetness of caramel, all perfectly juxtaposed with a touch of sea salt. A symphony of flavours and textures, each bite resonates with the commitment to pure, high-quality vegetarian chocolate.
Kakoa vegan chocolates
Established in 2019, Kakoa emerged from a passionate desire to fill the void in the premium vegetarian chocolate segment, especially in the realms of milk and white chocolate. After embracing a vegan lifestyle, the founders recognized this gap and embarked on a mission to craft delectable chocolates using rice and oat milk. This innovative approach has led to an array of modern and tantalising flavours that are a testament to Kakoa's commitment to quality and taste in the vegetarian chocolate arena. Beyond just creating mouth-watering chocolates, Kakoa is also deeply rooted in sustainability. With a clear vision for a greener tomorrow, all their packaging proudly stands as 100% biodegradable, showcasing their dedication to both palate and planet. Dive in and discover the evolution of vegetarian chocolate with Kakoa.
Just dark bundle
Step into a realm of opulence with Friars' ultimate dark chocolate tasting collection, tailored especially for those who crave an enriched cocoa experience in their vegetarian chocolate indulgences. This exquisite assortment showcases some of our most sought-after dark chocolate treasures, meticulously crafted for the discerning palates that yearn for a deeper cocoa essence. Dive into the profound depths of our Dark Chocolate 72% Cocoa Truffles, savour the sweet, velvety journey of our Chocolate Caramels, and let the refreshing allure of Dark Chocolate Mint Creams transport you. Every bite is a testament to Friars' dedication to the art of vegetarian chocolate, ensuring an experience that is as rich in taste as it is in ethos.
Buy chocolate online
In today's digital age, indulging in sumptuous flavours has never been more effortless. For those with a refined palate and a penchant for cruelty-free treats, the option to buy vegetarian chocolate online brings the world's finest confections right to your doorstep. No more scouring local stores or settling for anything less than premium quality. With just a few clicks, dive into a curated collection of delectable vegetarian chocolates, crafted with care and passion. So why wait? Experience the richness, savour the craftsmanship, and buy your perfect vegetarian chocolate treat online today. Your taste buds will thank you!

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