Unusual Chocolate Gifts

We believe being different in life is good, so why not in chocolate? Whether it's an unusual chocolate flavour or novelty chocolate gift we have it here.
Our chocolate is unusual, not just in its premium quality but also in our unusual flavours. It's not everyday that you a get a stalk and a cherry stone in your chocolate. Our cherry liqueur chocolate has just that and blimey does it work. The beautiful three layered honey crunch chocolate is also an unusual one. It starts with a layer of honey followed by a layer of praline and then finished with a nut brittle layer. Each part on its own would be good, but together it really is a thing of beauty.
We also specialise in unusual novelty chocolate from chocolate tool kits, French fries to chocolate pizza. Even chocolate lego. Well you can make almost anything out of lego, so why not chocolate lego?
So if you’re looking for fun and unusual gifts for any occasion, check out our mouthwatering range of chocolate gifts.

Summer Chocolate Gifts
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