Birthday Gifts

Celebrating a birthday with chocolate is a cherished tradition for many, creating sweet memories for both the young and the young-at-heart. A birthday is not just about growing a year older; it's about celebrating life, love, and the passage of time.
And what better way to mark these milestones than with a rich and delectable birthday chocolate? Its creamy texture and deep flavour have the magical ability to turn any ordinary day into a special occasion. From chocolate cakes topped with velvety ganache to truffles filled with surprises, birthday chocolates add that extra layer of delight, ensuring the day remains unforgettable.
18th birthday chocolate
Our signature milk chocolate box is the epitome of decadence and sophistication, making it the ideal chocolate gift for an 18th birthday celebration. Turning eighteen is not just another birthday; it's a rite of passage, a step into adulthood, and deserves to be celebrated with something truly special. Each chocolate in our box is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and passion, offering a symphony of flavours that represent the essence of this milestone. It's not just a gift; it's a memory waiting to be savoured.
30th birthday chocolate
The 30th birthday is a significant milestone, marking three decades of cherished memories, growth, and life's myriad experiences. It calls for a celebration that is as rich and nuanced as the journey thus far. Enter our cherry liqueur chocolate box. This isn't just any box of chocolates; it's a sensory journey. Each chocolate captures the boldness and depth of cherry liqueur, enveloped in premium chocolate that melts in your mouth, releasing a burst of flavour. The perfect homage to the elegance and maturity of the 30th birthday. It's a sophisticated treat for a sophisticated age.
50th birthday chocolate
The 50th birthday is more than just a number; it's a golden jubilee of life's trials, triumphs, and treasured moments. Such a monumental occasion demands a celebration that truly honours half a century of existence. Our everything chocolate hamper is perfectly curated to match this grandeur. Brimming with an assortment of the finest chocolates, it offers a delightful journey across a spectrum of flavours and textures. It's a heartfelt, indulgent way to say, "Here's to the past 50 and the many more to come!"
60th birthday chocolates
Six decades of life is a tapestry of memories, challenges, accomplishments, and moments of sheer joy. As such, a 60th birthday is a monumental occasion that warrants a gift as grand and memorable as the life it celebrates. Our 96 chocolate box is the epitome of that grandeur. This curated collection of chocolates is a vast palette of flavours, each representing a unique memory or experience. With 96 individual pieces, every chocolate has its own tale, from the rich bitterness of pure cocoa to the sweet whispers of milk chocolate, and everything in between. Just as the person celebrating has countless stories to share from their 60 years, this box provides a vast array of sensory experiences.
Birthday chocolate delivered
In today's digital era, sending birthday chocolates has never been easier or more convenient. Once selected, a personalized message can be added to enhance the sentiment. A few more clicks to provide the delivery address, and these sweet treats are on their way, packaged with care and ready to surprise.