No Added Sugar Chocolate

Our no added sugar chocolate range has all the delicious flavour of chocolate, just without the added sugar. An exclusive selection of chocolates from our luxury chocolate box to a selection of chocolate bars made with Mailtitol and Stevia as a substitute for refined sugars*; the ideal gift for those wanting to avoid sugar in their diet, or simply reduce their sugar intake and still enjoy a sweet treat.
*Please be aware that although our products do not contain sugar in their ingredients; they will contain small amounts of naturally occurring sugars from cocoa.
Luxury, unique chocolate treats with no added sugar for those who want to avoid sugar in their diet or simply reduce their sugar intake.
Living a sugar free lifestyle can be difficult at times and here at Friars, we understand the need for high quality, great tasting no added sugar chocolate. It is almost impossible to create sugar free chocolate due to the naturally occurring sugars in the cocoa bean itself, but we offer a range of no added sugar chocolate that not only looks appealing; but taste good too!
We also have no added sugar chocolate from brands such as Cavalier, Perlege and Pundits.