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Looking for a delicious and ethical treat that satisfies your sweet tooth? Look no further than our vegan chocolate! Discover our exquisite vegan chocolate gift boxes and vegan truffles made with the finest ingredients and free from dairy and animal products.
Origins of Vegan Chocolate
The concept of veganism has been around for decades, but vegan chocolate specifically started to gain popularity in the early 2000s. As more people began to adopt a vegan or plant-based lifestyle, demand for vegan alternatives to traditional chocolate grew. Having said this, a lot of dark chocolate is naturally vegan and has been around for decades. Often with a high cocoa percentage and flavoured with mint, ginger or orange, these traditional bars have proved hugely popular. More recently, UK chocolatiers have developed milk and white vegan chocolate using milk alternatives such as rice and oat milk. Leading to some incredible chocolates and opening up a whole new type of chocolate to explore.
Kakoa Vegan Chocolate
We stock every flavour of Kakoa vegan chocolate, as we believe it is the best vegan chocolate available. The award-winning brand was founded in 2019 by two brothers; they saw a lack of premium vegan chocolate on the market since turning vegan themselves. All their chocolates are made by hand using rice and oat milk, to create some fabulous modern and innovative flavours. They also have concerns about the future of our planet, and so all their packaging is 100% biodegradable.
Rice & Oat Milk
Kakoa are pioneers in using rice and oat milk in their vegan chocolate. Rice milk is made by blending cooked rice with water and then straining out the solids, leaving a smooth and creamy liquid that is perfect for use in chocolate. It has a mild and slightly sweet flavour, making it an excellent choice for those who want chocolate with a more subtle taste.
Oat milk, on the other hand, is made by blending oats with water and then straining out the solids. It has a slightly thicker and creamier consistency than rice milk, and it has a mild and slightly nutty flavour that works well in chocolate.
Both rice and oat milk are great alternatives to dairy milk in chocolate because they provide a similar creaminess and texture without the use of animal products. When used in vegan chocolate, rice and oat milk create a smooth and creamy texture that is perfect for blending with cocoa powder and other ingredients. They also provide a neutral base that allows the chocolate flavours to shine through.
Experience the velvety richness of our oat milk vegan chocolate, a delightful dairy-free alternative that effortlessly blends the creaminess of oat milk with the irresistible sweetness of vegan chocolate. Kokoa use oat milk rather than almond milk as oats require less water for growing, and they are also native plants to the UK, where Kakao are based.
Milk Vegan Chocolate
When it comes to milk vegan chocolate, we have got you covered. Our vegan salted caramel is a true delight, the perfect combination of sweet and savoury. And of course with a gooey caramel centre, the kind that dribbles down your chin! Also in vegan milk chocolate is the peanut butter truffle, which is the winner of the great taste gold award. A truly stunning chocolate, whether vegan or not.
Vegan White Chocolate
Vegan white chocolate, often overlooked in favour of its darker counterparts, is a uniquely decadent treat that should have a set of defining qualities that mark its excellence. It should always contain over 20% cocoa butter, which ours, of course, does. Added to that, no artificial flavours are used. We use real strawberries in our white strawberry and champagne truffles. Quality ingredients should speak for themselves, without artificial flavours.
Vegan Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is naturally vegan because it's made from ingredients that come from plants, not animals. The primary ingredients of high-quality dark chocolate are cocoa solids (which come from the cocoa bean), cocoa butter (also derived from the cocoa bean), and sugar. None of these ingredients involve animals in their sourcing or production, making them vegan by nature. Our vegan dark side truffle is made using high quality 65% cocoa solids, combined with a high hazelnut praline centre. It is so delicious, it actually is the winner of a great taste award.
Booja Booja Vegan Chocolate
Booja Booja is a company that produces organic and vegan chocolate truffles. Their chocolates are made with high-quality ingredients, including organic cocoa from the Dominican Republic, and are free from dairy, gluten, and soy.
Booja Booja offers a range of chocolate truffles with different flavours, such as Fine de Champagne, Hazelnut Crunch, Almond Salted Caramel, and Raspberry Truffle. They also offer chocolate gift boxes and chocolate Easter eggs.
Booja Booja's chocolates have received several awards and certifications, including the Soil Association Organic Food Award, the Great Taste Award, and the Vegan Society trademark. The company is committed to ethical and sustainable practices and sources their ingredients from suppliers who share their values.
Vegan Chocolate DeliveredHere at Friars we pride ourselves in our selection of vegan chocolate, simply order your favourite chocolate, and we will deliver your luxury vegan chocolate. We will even deliver chocolates next day if you order before 3pm.

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