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Welcome to your ultimate destination for Abtey Chocolate Liqueurs, the epitome of French craftsmanship and sophisticated indulgence. Whether you're searching for the perfect gift or aiming to elevate your own culinary experiences, our curated selection of Abtey liqueur chocolates, including the renowned Royal des Lys liqueur chocolates, offers an unparalleled blend of rich chocolate and premium liqueurs.
Abtey Chocolates provide a taste experience that is beyond ordinary—a melding of fine cocoa and select spirits to create a moment of true luxury. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience or gift this timeless French artistry. Shop with us today to bring home the flavours and elegance that only Abtey Chocolate Liqueurs can deliver. Immerse yourself in the authentic French luxury that combines gourmet chocolate and fine spirits.
History of Abtey chocolate liqueurs
Dive into the rich and captivating history of Abtey Chocolate Liqueurs, a brand that has been synonymous with French craftsmanship and luxury since 1946. Originating from a long-standing tradition of combining the finest spirits with premium chocolate, Abtey has carved out a unique space in the world of gourmet confections. Learn about how this iconic brand revolutionised the concept of liqueur chocolates, especially with its celebrated Royal des Lys collection, and set a new standard for quality and indulgence. With roots deeply anchored in French culinary artistry, Abtey Chocolate Liqueurs have evolved over the years to offer a broad range of flavours that resonate with connoisseurs worldwide.
No sugar crust
Unlike many other liqueur chocolates, Abtey's offerings are designed without the traditional sugar crust, allowing for an immediate, harmonious blend of fine chocolate and premium liqueur upon tasting. This purposeful choice enhances the overall sensory experience, allowing each flavour component to shine without any barriers.The absence of a sugar crust in Abtey Chocolate Liqueurs is a testament to their commitment to delivering an authentic, unfiltered taste experience and reduction in ‘sweetness’.
Abtey Royal des Lys liqueur Chocolates
Luxurious dark chocolate encasements are expertly filled with an exclusive array of high-quality liqueurs, all presented without the traditional sugar crust. This elite assortment features a diverse range of spirits, including Cointreau, Camus Cognac, Label 5 Whisky, Pear Williams, Kirsch, and St James Rum. Experience the seamless blend of sumptuous chocolate and refined liqueurs in every bite.
Abtey poire william liqueur chocolates
Exquisite hollow dark chocolate, artfully shaped like a pear, houses a delightful filling of Poire William liqueur. Packaged in an elegant gift bag, this unique treat serves as an ideal stocking stuffer or festive table decoration to delight your holiday guests.
Abtey chocolate champagne crate
Discover the ultimate indulgence with Abtey's wooden crate, meticulously packed with bottle-shaped dark chocolates that are brimming with sumptuous Marc de Champagne liqueur. Each chocolate bottle is a crafted masterpiece, designed to embody both the look and the luxurious taste experience of a fine bottle of Champagne. When you bite into these exquisite chocolates, the rich, velvety dark chocolate exterior gives way to a luscious, aromatic Marc de Champagne centre, offering an unforgettable burst of flavours that delight the senses.
Send Abtey chocolates by post
Looking for the perfect gift or just a way to share a moment of indulgence? Send Abtey chocolates by post and spread the taste of luxury. As one of France's premier chocolate liqueur producers, Abtey crafts chocolates that seamlessly blend the richness of cocoa with the sophistication of fine liqueurs. Each piece is a testament to their legacy of quality and craftsmanship.
Our service ensures that these sumptuous chocolates arrive at your desired destination with all the care and presentation they deserve.

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