Chocolate Tasters

Perfectly sized chocolate tasters packs, made with the minimum amount of packaging. Mix, match and indulge in chocolate luxury. Choose from over 50 different flavours of luxury chocolate, perfect as a gift or as a little self-indulgence.
Discover the world of exquisite cacao with our perfectly sized chocolate tasters packs. Crafted with precision and passion, each pack offers a curated experience designed to delight your taste buds. With minimalistic packaging, we ensure that the spotlight remains solely on the chocolate, letting its true essence shine. Dive into a vast selection of over 50 different luxurious flavours, each beckoning with its unique allure. Whether you're looking to gift someone a taste of gourmet goodness or simply wish to treat yourself to a moment of chocolatey indulgence, our chocolate tasters are the ideal choice. Let every bite take you on a journey of chocolaty perfection. Experience the symphony of flavours and textures that only our chocolate tasters can offer. Dive in and let the adventure begin!
Mix and match chocolate tasters
Elevate your chocolate experience with our exclusive mix and match offer! Dive into a universe of rich, velvety flavours with our chocolate tasters, each crafted to perfection. And here's a sweet deal to make your journey even more delightful: buy any 3 of our exquisite chocolate tasters and instantly save 10%. Whether you're exploring new tastes or rekindling love for your favourite ones, this deal lets you indulge more for less. It's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself or surprise a loved one. Mix, match, and let the savings begin!
Friars chocolate tasters
Rum truffles
Dive into the opulence of our chocolate tasters with this Jamaican Rum-infused delight. Experience the rich meld of fresh cream and intense dark chocolate, heightened by a generous infusion of Jamaican Rum. Enveloped in a luxurious 72% dark chocolate shell and adorned with a delicate touch of vermicelli, this truffle promises a captivating taste adventure.
Caramel truffles
Discover the allure of our chocolate tasters with this exquisite soft caramel truffle. Beneath its mellow milk chocolate shell lies a sumptuously gooey, buttery caramel core that promises a delightful, chin-dribbling experience. A heavenly treat for every chocolate taster's palate!
Banoffee pie chocolate
Experience our chocolate tasters collection with our inspired take on the classic English dessert – the Banoffee Pie chocolate. This delectable treat boasts a luscious banana and caramel truffle core, elegantly topped with white chocolate and caramel nibs.
Mousse au chocolat
For those seeking the ultimate chocolate tasters' experience, our Mousse Au Chocolat is a visual and gastronomic delight. Nestled within a milk chocolate cup is a harmoniously smooth chocolate mousse, elegantly crowned with a sprinkle of cocoa nibs.
Vegan strawberry & champagne truffles
For the discerning chocolate tasters, the union of white chocolate and strawberry remains a timeless delight. Kakoa's vegan rendition enhances their lush dairy-free white chocolate with the sweetness of strawberries, punctuated by a hint of Marc de Champagne.
Send chocolates by post
Discover the ultimate chocolate tasters experience with our hand-picked selections. Perfect for those keen on exploring unique flavour profiles, our curated chocolate tasters will tantalise your taste buds. Want to share the joy? Send chocolates by post to your loved ones, ensuring they too embark on this delectable journey. Every bite is a testament to our commitment to quality and flavour. Indulge yourself or make someone's day special.

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