Christmas is a time for giving and sharing with family and friends. If you're looking for that extra special gift, then look no further. Our Christmas chocolate range has a variety of luxury gifts, chocolate boxes and sweets...something for everyone to indulge in over the festive period, even those who are usually hard to buy for!
Each item in our Christmas chocolate range is crafted to perfection, ensuring that every bite is an experience to be savoured. All our chocolates come in beautifully designed packaging, making them gift-ready and perfect for sharing—or for keeping all to yourself as a festive treat. Plus, for those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their own home, we offer convenient delivery options to make your holiday shopping a breeze.
The tradition of gifting chocolate at Christmas
The tradition of gifting chocolate at Christmas is one that resonates deeply in many cultures, capturing both the joy of giving and the delight of indulgence in a single, delicious package. Rooted in the centuries-old history of exchanging gifts to celebrate the season of goodwill, the practice of presenting chocolate adds a layer of sensory pleasure to the festivities. Indeed, chocolate, in its myriad forms—from intricately shaped figures to luxurious truffles—has earned its place as one of the most beloved and universal holiday gifts.
Christmas chocolate gifts
Friars Christmas chocolate boxes
As the holiday season approaches, gifting becomes an art form, and what better way to showcase your thoughtfulness than with our exquisite Friars Christmas chocolate boxes? We've gone to great lengths to curate a massive selection of boxes that cater to every taste, ensuring that your gift is not only delicious but also truly memorable. Each box captures the spirit of Christmas in a unique and delectable way, offering a taste of holiday magic in every bite.
Take for example, our holly-decorated caramel chocolates. These festive treats are adorned with an edible holly motif, encapsulating the traditional Christmas imagery in a mouth-watering caramel bite. It's a visual and gastronomic delight that instantly brings the Christmas spirit to any gathering.
For those who adore the richness of nutty flavours, our praline Christmas tree chocolates are an absolute must. Shaped like charming little Christmas trees, these praline confections are as eye-catching as they are delicious, creating a blend of nostalgia and culinary excellence that's sure to please any palate.
Last, but certainly not least, our vanilla snowball truffles serve as the perfect epitome of winter's essence. These heavenly spheres of creamy vanilla truffle are enrobed in a layer of white chocolate, evoking the pristine beauty of freshly fallen snow. One bite, and you're transported to a winter wonderland, making it a sublime experience that's not to be missed.
Chocolate advent calendars
What better way to savour each passing day in the build up to Christmas than with Friars' extensive range of chocolate Advent calendars? Not just any ordinary calendars, these are a luxurious journey through December, culminating in the Christmas festivities.
Our vegan chocolate Advent calendar breaks away from the norm, offering plant-based delights that are just as sumptuous as their traditional counterparts. Crafted with high-quality vegan chocolate, each door reveals a different treat, allowing you to indulge guilt-free as you mark off the days leading to Christmas.
For those who prefer a bit of spirited indulgence, our liqueur chocolate Advent calendar is a feast for the senses. Behind each door hides a miniature chocolate masterpiece infused with fine liqueurs, making each day's discovery a moment of adult indulgence.
Christmas chocolate hampers
Indulge in the ultimate festive treat with our exquisite Christmas chocolate hampers. Overflowing with a selection of luxurious chocolates, these hampers serve as the perfect gift or personal indulgence to make the holiday season extra special.
Packaged elegantly and ready to gift, these hampers are your one-stop solution for a flavourful and memorable Christmas celebration.
Chocolate delivery for Christmas
Make this holiday season effortlessly delicious with our Chocolate delivery for Christmas service. We bring the joys of the season right to your doorstep, offering a range of exquisite chocolate gifts that are perfect for spreading festive cheer. Whether you're sending love to distant relatives or treating yourself to some holiday indulgence, our Chocolate delivery for Christmas ensures that everyone can savour the delectable flavours of the season without the hassle of going out.

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