Niederegger Chocolates

Immerse yourself in the world of Niederegger Marzipan, a brand that stands as a hallmark of quality and tradition in the marzipan industry. Crafted in Lübeck, Germany, Niederegger has been delighting taste buds with its exceptional marzipan creations since 1806.
When you're searching for authentic, high-quality marzipan, Niederegger is a name that stands out for its dedication to craftsmanship and taste.
Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the luxuriously rich and nutty flavours of marzipan, our online store offers an extensive range of Niederegger products, from classic marzipan loaves to intricately designed marzipan figures and even marzipan-infused chocolates. Shop with ease and have your favourites delivered straight to your doorstep.
What makes Niederegger marzipan different?
With its high almond content, Niederegger is less sweet than many marzipans, keeping the true taste and colour of the finest, aromatic Mediterranean almonds that are used, and only the best, most perfect, golden kernels pass the expert gaze of the eagle-eyed 'checkers' once the almonds have been blanched. Niederegger make 30 tons of this incredible marzipan every day, crushing the chopped nuts with sugar between giant granite rollers, heating the paste in copper cauldrons until it's ready to be cooled, wrapped and rested to develop the fullest potential of the almond aroma. And finally, the secret rosewater-like ingredient is added and the marzipan can be turned into one of over 300 marzipan specialities, from fine marzipan chocolates to novelty shapes as well as the classic chocolate-coated marzipan loaves.
We stock a wide range of Niederegger marzipan, with products available in chocolate boxes, chocolate bars and even loafs. If you're looking for the best marzipan and chocolate, then look no further than Friars.
History of german marzipan
Dive into the rich and fascinating history of German marzipan, a culinary tradition that has captured the hearts of sweet lovers for centuries. One name that stands out in this historical tapestry is Niederegger, a brand synonymous with quality marzipan since its founding in 1806 in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. As a testament to its authenticity and craftsmanship, Niederegger has played a significant role in shaping what we know as premium marzipan today.
Marzipan in Germany is more than just a confection; it's a cultural heritage, often enjoyed during Christmas and special occasions. Originating from the Middle East, the art of marzipan-making found its way to Europe during mediaeval times, but it was in Germany that this almond and sugar delicacy truly found its footing. Lübeck, in particular, became the marzipan capital of the world, and it is here that the Niederegger brand has honed its recipes and techniques for over two centuries.
Niederegger Marzipan at Friars
Niederegger Marzipan Box
Experience a delightful assortment of Niederegger's premium marzipan with this small gift box, featuring eight miniature loaves coated in luxurious dark chocolate. Curated to tantalise your taste buds, the box contains a duo of each of four exquisite flavours: pistachio, orange, pineapple, and espresso. Each flavour is a testament to Niederegger's time-honoured craftsmanship, offering a unique blend of the finest marzipan and rich dark chocolate. Indulge in this carefully selected variety and discover why Niederegger is a name revered in the world of marzipan.
Niederegger Dark Chocolate Coated Marzipan Loaf
Indulge in a loaf of premium marzipan, enriched with a high concentration of almonds and enveloped in sumptuous bittersweet chocolate. This exceptional treat is a must-have for marzipan aficionados, offering a harmonious blend of nutty richness and dark chocolate decadence.