Heritage Chocolates

Our quintessentially English chocolates are mixed, dipped and finished by hand meaning each gift box has its own unique charm. Classic handmade chocolates, beautifully presented.
Our English heritage collection is a celebration of chocolate, how it used to be. Made entirely by hand, these luxury chocolates have been lovingly mixed, poured and coated in the same way to the same recipe for decades. Take our award winning dark chocolate rose and violet creams we have sold it for such a length of time they could be said to be our signature chocolates, as they have proved so popular with our customers. Delightful crisp dark chocolates, filled with a soft fondant delicately flavoured with essence of rose or violet top with a petal.
Heritage chocolates; are a line of chocolates from Friars, one of England's oldest and most established confectioners. Since 1927, Friars have been creating exquisite chocolates for all occasions. Our English Classics collection celebrates our long-standing heritage with an assortment of classic flavours.
The English Classics line features an array of traditional British flavours, such as Rose and Violet and Dark Chocolate Ginger, alongside modern creations like Violet Creams and Dark Chocolate Ginger. The creamy fillings add a smooth texture to every bite, while the crunchy biscuit pieces give it that extra crunch. Each flavour is made with high-quality ingredients carefully sourced to ensure the best taste possible. Whether you’re looking for a special gift or just something delicious to indulge in, these unique chocolates will surely satisfy your taste buds.
Manufacturing Process: Handcrafted with Care
Quality is paramount for Friars', as each chocolate has to be inspected for taste and texture before being packaged and shipped to waiting customers. We take pride in our meticulous manufacturing process, which is handcrafted to perfection. Our artisan chocolate makers use traditional and modern methods, taking the time to craft each piece with care.
The process starts by selecting only the best ingredients. Then they are carefully roasted and blended until they reach the right consistency. The chocolate is tempered before finally being poured into moulds, which cool down and solidify into perfect shapes. Lastly, the chocolates are examined before being placed in decorative boxes ready for shipment.
Variety of Products: From Creams to Caramels
With a wide variety of treats available, Friars provides something for everyone, from creams and caramels to luxury truffles and bars.
At Friars, customers can find classic favourites such as milk chocolates, dark chocolates and white chocolates - all made using only natural ingredients. Alongside these staples is a range of indulgent creamy caramels filled with flavours like salted caramel and honeycomb - perfect for special occasions or just treating yourself.
Unique Flavours: Rich and Decadent
Delight your taste buds with the unique flavours of Friars' English Classics. This classic collection includes tantalising treats ranging from creamy caramels and crunchy nuts to smooth chocolate truffles. With every piece, you can indulge in a luxurious treat that blends traditional British flavours with modern flavour profiles for a truly delectable experience.
Using traditional recipes and ingredients from all over the world, these chocolates are lovingly crafted in England by our team of chocolate makers. With each bite, you will be taken on an extraordinary journey through the flavours of Europe as a result of this wonderful collection of chocolates.
Check out some of our well-loved flavours:
Orange creams
A beautiful handmade concoction of dark chocolate orange, containing a traditionally soft fondant cream centre, creating a combination like no other. Each individual chocolate, being handmade, has its own unique qualities and has undergone precision to be finished with a touch of delicate love. 
Dark Chocolate
Made using only the finest ingredients, the dark chocolate selection contains a balance of traditional classics. With each chocolate being handmade and containing a variety of flavours such as marzipan, creams, truffles etc, they are crafted with care to ensure each piece is perfect for your snacking pleasure. These creamy caramel chocolates feature a dreamy blend of rich milk chocolate and gooey caramel that melts in your mouth with every bite.
Rose and Violet creams
With only the highest quality ingredients this delicious treat is made from only the best ingredients, and its unique flavour is sure to delight any chocolate lover. The heart of this exquisite confection is a dark chocolate envelope with a soft fondant layer, a deserved winner of the famous Great Taste gold award.
Quality Guarantee: Trusted Brand Name
When shopping for deliciously crafted chocolates, Friars is the preferred choice of many. From creamy truffles to crispy pralines and everything in between, Friars produces an array of superior quality confections that all come with their quality guarantee. The utmost attention is given to each chocolate so that each bite brims with flavours and freshness.

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