Vegan Christmas

Our Vegan Christmas Chocolate is a sumptuous answer for those seeking cruelty-free indulgence. Whether you're embracing a plant-based lifestyle or simply exploring new chocolate horizons, Vegan Christmas Chocolate offers the richness of traditional cocoa treats without compromising on ethical choices.
Join us as we unwrap the world of vegan delights, ensuring your festive season is both merry and ethically sweetened. With the rise in veganism, this chocolate not only caters to a growing market but also guarantees a guilt-free holiday season for all. Dive into our guide and discover the finest Vegan Christmas Chocolate from Kakoa.
Vegan Christmas chocolate
We carry the complete range of Kakoa vegan chocolate flavours, truly considering it the pinnacle of vegan chocolates out there. Established in 2019 by a duo of visionary brothers, this award-winning label emerged from their personal journey into veganism and recognizing a void in high-end vegan chocolate offerings. Crafted meticulously by hand, they utilise rice and oat milk, giving rise to a spectacular array of contemporary and inventive tastes. Additionally, with a keen eye on environmental sustainability, Kakoa ensures all their packaging is entirely biodegradable.
Kakoa Vegan Christmas chocolate box
A special Christmas limited edition box awaits! Dive into a mesmerising assortment of twenty-four vegan chocolates, spanning 12 unique flavours. And for that touch of festive whimsy, there's even a chocolate Brussels sprout included. After all, what's Christmas without a sprightly sprout or two?
Vegan chocolate advent calendar
Introducing a special limited edition vegan advent calendar, showcasing 24 exquisite chocolates in 19 distinct flavours! Made with Kakoa’s signature blend of rice and oat milk, these chocolates promise a creamy richness, setting the ideal plant-based stage for the Christmas countdown.
Brussels sprout vegan chocolate
Christmas isn't quite complete without the customary sprouts. Yet, for those who aren't keen on the green, we present the ideal substitute: our vegan chocolate truffle sprouts. These one-of-a-kind chocolates, crafted with our divine milk chocolate blend using a distinctive rice and oat milk formula, strike the perfect balance with cocoa.
Vegan Christmas cracker
Experience a plant-based twist on the traditional Christmas Cracker, packed with three of our scrumptious vegan chocolates: the Ultimate Peanut Butter, the Legendary Salted Caramel, and the Dark Side. Crafted using our distinct blend of rice and oat milk chocolate and encased in a biodegradable cracker, it ensures festive joy without adding to the landfill.
Send vegan Christmas chocolates
In an age where conscious consumption is at the forefront, sending Vegan Christmas chocolates as gifts stands out as both a delightful and responsible choice. Not only do these chocolates offer the rich indulgence synonymous with the festive season, but they also embody the values of compassion and sustainability. Vegan chocolates ensure that the joys of cocoa are enjoyed without any animal derivatives, making them a treat that resonates with both vegans and non-vegans alike.

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