Chocolate Stocking Fillers

Looking for inspiration on those festive finishing touches? We have the perfect chocolate stocking filler ideas for adding a little extra something special to their Christmas stockings.
One timeless favourite that never goes out of style is the joy of discovering delightful treats nestled within a stocking. Enter chocolate stocking fillers: not just any holiday treat, but a cherished tradition that adds a sweet touch to the festive morning.
Whether it's for the young or the young-at-heart, these bite-sized delights never fail to bring smiles. Dive into our curated selection of chocolate stocking fillers, thoughtfully chosen to make this Christmas extra memorable. With rich flavours, exquisite textures, and a range of options to suit every palate, our collection is the go-to destination for those looking to elevate their holiday gifting game.
Best chocolate stocking fillers
Here at Friars we take stocking fillers very seriously, after all it is what we do best! Here are some of our suggestions to make your Christmas that bit more perfect.
Signature Christmas Chocolate Box - 4 Chocolates: An exquisite collection of handcrafted chocolates, this signature box encapsulates the very essence of Christmas. Each piece is a bite-sized delight, perfect for indulging in the festive spirit.
Christmas Rum Pudding Chocolates: For those who like a touch of spirited cheer in their chocolates, these offer a delightful fusion of rich chocolate with the warming notes of rum and pudding. Truly a merry treat!
Praline Chocolate Penguins: Combining the allure of cute penguin designs with the delectable taste of praline, these chocolates are a visual treat as much as they are a gastronomic delight. A must-have for those who adore both aesthetics and flavour.
Caramel Hot Chocolate Bomb: A sensational treat for those cold winter nights. Drop this chocolate bomb into a mug of hot milk and watch as it melts, releasing a rush of creamy caramel. A heart-warming experience that blends comfort with indulgence.
Chocolate Sprout Sack: Who said sprouts can't be delicious? This quirky take on the traditional Christmas vegetable packs a chocolatey surprise, making it a whimsical addition to any stocking.
This festive season, elevate your gifting game with what we believe are the best chocolate stocking fillers, guaranteed to bring joy, smiles, and a touch of sweetness to the holiday celebrations.
Vegan chocolate stocking fillers
With a growing community of vegan enthusiasts and those simply looking for plant-based indulgences, our range of vegan chocolate stocking fillers is a game-changer.
For those seeking a delightful sampler of our vegan chocolates, our pocket-sized taster packs are an ideal pick. Compact yet brimming with flavours, they provide a snapshot of our extensive vegan range.
Dive into the rich, velvety goodness of our vegan salted caramel. Crafted with the perfect balance of sweetness and a hint of salt, it's a treat that beckons with every bite. Our vegan milk truffle is nothing short of a revelation, offering the creaminess and richness you'd expect but completely dairy-free, thanks to the magic of oat milk.
For a burst of fruity decadence, the vegan strawberries and champagne chocolate is a sophisticated blend of luxurious flavours that's sure to delight the palate. It embodies the essence of celebration, all wrapped up in a vegan package.
And, in true festive spirit, we've also introduced a special treat: a vegan Christmas cracker. More than just a playful nod to tradition, it's packed with our signature vegan chocolates, making it a delightful surprise for the holiday table.
Chocolate stocking fillers delivered
The magic of Christmas isn't just in the big, grand gestures, but often in the small, delightful surprises that await in stockings hung with care. And what better surprise than chocolates? With our dedicated service, getting chocolate stocking fillers delivered right to your doorstep has never been easier or more convenient.
Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to an array of finely crafted chocolates, each chosen with love and care. From rich truffles to creamy caramels, our assortment promises a bite of happiness for everyone. And for those who prefer to surprise loved ones near and far, our seamless delivery service ensures that the magic of Christmas is shared, no matter the distance.