Gifts For Couples

Chocolate gifts for couples offer a delightful way for two people to share a moment of sweetness and indulgence together. Perfectly tailored for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or even a couple's house-warming, these gifts can turn ordinary moments into memorable experiences.
Whether it's to celebrate a milestone in their relationship, mark a special date, or simply to say, "I appreciate both of you," chocolate gifts for couples are the ideal gesture. After all, few things are as universally cherished as the bond of love and the taste of good chocolate!
Things to consider
Preferences: Determine if the couple has specific chocolate preferences, such as dark, milk, or white chocolate. Some might even prefer chocolates with a higher cocoa content, while others might lean towards sweeter varieties.
Dietary Restrictions: Consider any allergies or dietary restrictions the couple might have. This could range from nut allergies to vegan or gluten-free requirements.
Pairings: Think about including items that can be paired with the chocolate, such as wine, coffee, or tea. Some chocolates go exceptionally well with certain beverages, enhancing the tasting experience.
Presentation: Opt for a beautifully packaged selection, as presentation can enhance the gift's appeal. A luxury box, ribbon, or even a personalized message can make a significant difference.
Variety: Choose a diverse assortment, offering a mix of flavours and fillings. This ensures that both individuals have a broad range of choices and can discover new favourites.
Theme or Occasion: If the gift is for a particular event, such as an anniversary or house-warming, consider chocolates that fit the theme. For instance, heart-shaped chocolates for an anniversary or chocolates paired with a home-themed accessory for a house-warming.
Quality: Invest in premium quality chocolates from reputable brands or artisan chocolatiers. The taste difference is often evident, and it shows you've put thought into selecting the best.
Expiry Dates: Ensure the chocolates have a reasonable shelf-life, especially if you suspect the couple might want to savour them over a period.
Personal Touch: Adding a personal touch, like a handwritten note or a custom-selected assortment based on what you know about the couple, can make your gift even more special.
Perfect for sharing
Signature 96 chocolate box
When searching for gifts for couples, few options can rival the allure of Friars' most exquisite signature chocolates. Bursting with indulgence, these chocolates are the epitome of luxury and taste. Serving not just as a treat, but also as a captivating centrepiece, this gift is bound to leave a lasting impression. For couples, it's a shared journey into a world of cocoa delight, making it a gift they'll cherish and reminisce about for years to come.
Chocolate sharing hamper
Perfect for couples and sharing, this gift offers a delightful assortment for those special moments together. Wrapped elegantly in a pristine gift box, our Chocolate Sharing Gift Hamper is a treasure trove of flavours. It boasts two 18.7cl bottles of the refined Founder's Stone wine, paired beautifully with an array of our signature chocolates. Dive into the velvety world of classic caramel chocolate, the playful charm of champagne truffle, and the sweet nostalgia of Eton mess. And just when you think the journey's complete, our delectable brownie chocolates and irresistible caramel buttons ensure a delightful conclusion to this shared indulgence.