Strawberry Chocolate

Indulge in the irresistible world of strawberry chocolate, the ultimate blend of fruitiness and creamy decadence. As a delightful fusion of flavours, strawberry chocolate appeals to chocolate aficionados and fruit lovers alike.
Whether you're eager to explore recipes, searching for the best strawberry chocolate brands, or curious about the art of making this sweet treat at home, our comprehensive guide is your ultimate resource.
Strawberry and chocolate.
The pairing of strawberry and chocolate has become a classic in Western confectionery, though pinpointing the exact origin of this combination is somewhat challenging. However, it's clear that this pairing largely resulted from the broad popularity of both strawberries and chocolate in various food cultures and the evolution of culinary practices over time.
Strawberries have been consumed since ancient times. They're native to both the Americas and Europe. In mediaeval Europe, strawberries were used for their medicinal properties. It wasn't until the 18th century, when a French spy brought a variety from Chile to France, that strawberries began to resemble the sweet, juicy fruits we enjoy today.
The confluence of ingredients strawberry and chocolate can be linked to the development of the culinary world and changes in societal tastes and preferences. As chocolate became a common ingredient in desserts, the pairing with fruit, including strawberries, became more popular. Chocolate-covered strawberries, for example, are believed to have originated in the United States in the 1960s, popularised by Lorraine Lorusso from a gourmet store in Chicago. Today, the combination is seen in a variety of forms - from candies and cakes to ice creams and fondues - beloved by many around the globe.
Strawberry and champagne; champagne truffles
These delectable chocolates feature a luscious white chocolate exterior, which encases a divine blend of champagne-infused strawberry ganache. Each truffle is then delicately rolled in a dusting of strawberry powder, adding an extra layer of flavour and sophistication.
Strawberry cupcake chocolate
The divine combination of strawberries and cream is unparalleled, but add a hint of chocolate, and it's pure bliss. Our timeless creation features a delightful duo of strawberries and cream, elevated with an elegant swirl of mousse.
Eton mess chocolate
Experience a beloved classic reimagined as a confection with our unique chocolate creation. This delightful treat incorporates a melange of fresh cream, succulent strawberries, and crisp meringue topping, all beautifully enrobed in velvety white chocolate.
Strawberry chocolates delivered
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