Vanilla Chocolate

Dive into a delectable world where vanilla meets chocolate, offering an irresistible symphony of flavours. Our exquisite range perfectly marries the aromatic subtleties of vanilla with the rich depth of chocolate.
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Vanilla and chocolate
The history of vanilla and chocolate is a captivating journey, intertwined with exploration, empires, and evolving tastes. Chocolate's origins trace back to the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, primarily the Mayans and Aztecs, who revered the cacao bean for both its culinary and ceremonial significance. Cacao, consumed as a frothy, bitter drink, was often combined with spices and herbs, but not yet with vanilla.
On the other hand, vanilla, derived from the pods of orchids native to present-day Mexico, was utilized by the Totonac people long before the Aztecs traded for and celebrated its fragrant qualities. It was only after the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire in the early 16th century that both cacao and vanilla were introduced to Europe.
As these exotic flavours reached European shores, they underwent a transformation. The Europeans' penchant for sweeter tastes led to the addition of sugar to the traditionally bitter cacao drink. Over time, vanilla emerged as a favoured complement, infusing the chocolate with its delicate, aromatic sweetness. This pairing, nurtured by evolving European culinary tastes and the pressures of colonial trade, grew in popularity.
Vanilla truffles
A velvety and invigorating truffle, crafted from luscious white chocolate and fresh cream, elevated by the aromatic essence of vanilla. This decadent treat is both creamy and exhilarating, a true celebration of flavours.
Vanilla creams
Luscious vanilla fondant, hand-dipped and encased in rich 65% cocoa dark chocolate, is elegantly crowned with a toasted walnut.
White chocolate vanilla buttons
Silky Belgian white chocolate melds with a whisper of authentic vanilla, culminating in a delectable indulgence. Perfect for enhancing desserts, accentuating coffee breaks, or simply melting into warm milk for a creamy beverage.
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