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Step into a world where cocoa meets creaminess, presenting the irresistible allure of our milk chocolate selection. Crafted for those with a discerning palate, our offerings epitomise the art of chocolatiering. Whether you're seeking a simple treat or an exquisite gift, our milk chocolate range promises unparalleled taste and quality.
Dive deep into a cocoa experience, perfectly balanced with the velvety texture of milk. Explore our collection today and discover why many consider our milk chocolate to be the gold standard in sweet indulgence.
What is milk chocolate
Milk chocolate is a type of chocolate made from a blend of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and milk (or milk powder). It's known for its creamy texture and milder, sweeter flavour compared to dark chocolate.
The basic ingredients of milk chocolate are:
Cocoa solids: These are the parts of the cocoa bean that provide the characteristic chocolate flavour.
Cocoa butter: This is the fat derived from the cocoa bean, responsible for the smooth mouthfeel of the chocolate.
Milk or milk powder: This component provides the creamy texture and taste that distinguishes milk chocolate from dark chocolate.
Sugar: Milk chocolate contains sugar to enhance its sweetness.
The exact flavour, texture, and quality of milk chocolate can vary based on the proportions of these ingredients, as well as any additional flavours or additives the manufacturer might include. The percentage of cocoa solids (which can be found on many chocolate bar wrappers) can give an indication of how intense or mild the chocolate flavour might be, with higher percentages often indicating a richer chocolate flavour.
Friars milk chocolates
Milk chocolate box
We've meticulously crafted a harmony between luscious creaminess and rich cocoa, ensuring our milk chocolates strike the perfect note – delightfully smooth without being excessively sweet, yet irresistibly tempting.
Dive into the sensory journey that is our velvety milk chocolate indulgence box. Each piece unveils a unique flavour, destined to captivate the true milk chocolate aficionado. From the harmonious blend of milk chocolate and Irish cream to the simple elegance of our firm milk caramel, every bite is a revelation. Experience our signature milk truffle, a fusion of fresh cream and cocoa, or the decadent soft caramel with a sumptuously gooey centre – the type that playfully drips with every bite.
Milk collection gift hamper
Dive into our luxurious hamper, brimming with an exquisite assortment of our top-tier milk chocolates and truffles. It's the quintessential gift for the devoted milk chocolate connoisseur.
Vegan milk chocolate box
Kakoa's signature vegan milk selection box showcases a remarkable blend of their celebrated, award-winning vegan milk chocolates. Crafted for those with a discerning palate yearning for that classic milk chocolate essence, these vegan treats utilise rice and oat milk as a stellar dairy alternative, ensuring flavour remains uncompromised. Relish the iconic sea salted caramel chocolate, complete with its melt-in-your-mouth centre, or surrender to the decadence of the opulent lush milk truffle.
Order chocolates online
Discover the ease and convenience of indulgence with a single click. Order milk chocolates online from our curated collection, ensuring premium quality and exquisite taste delivered straight to your door. Whether it's for a special occasion or a personal treat, make every moment sweeter when you order from us.

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