Orange Chocolate

Experience the vibrant fusion of orange chocolate, an exciting blend that marries the zesty, citrus notes of fresh oranges with the rich, velvety decadence of premium chocolate.
Our online store brings this unique and delightful flavour pairing right to your fingertips. From indulgent orange-infused chocolate bars to luxurious truffles with a tangy orange centre, our collection promises to awaken your senses and elevate your chocolate indulgence.
Orange and chocolate
The pairing of orange and chocolate is a beloved combination that has a rich history rooted in various cultures and the evolution of confectionery practices.
Oranges have been cultivated for thousands of years. Originating in Southeast Asia, they spread to the Middle East, North Africa, and eventually to Europe, primarily through trade routes.
The blending of orange and chocolate can be traced back to Spain, a country with a rich history of both orange cultivation and chocolate consumption. Spanish cooks began experimenting with adding orange zest to chocolate, and the combination quickly became popular due to the unique way the tartness of the orange complemented the rich sweetness of the chocolate.
Since then, the orange and chocolate combination has been used in many types of sweets and desserts around the world, from gourmet chocolates and truffles to cakes and cookies. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the timeless appeal of this unique flavour pairing.
Chocolate candied orange slices
Exquisite slices of orange, meticulously candied and hand-dipped in luxuriously rich, dark Belgian chocolate, present the perfect finale to your dinner or an indulgent treat just for you. Each slice showcases the artistry and craftsmanship of combining these two beloved flavours, creating a delightful harmony of citrus zest and chocolate decadence.
Dark chocolate orange creams
Handcrafted dark chocolate orange creams, featuring a harmonious blend of 65% cocoa dark chocolate encasing a traditional soft fondant cream centre. Each chocolate in this array is diligently mixed, dipped, and finished by hand, infusing a touch of individual charm and craftsmanship into every piece. This creates a box of unique and enchanting treats, where each chocolate tells a story of its own.
Dark chocolate orangettes
Experience the delight of handcrafted candied orange peels, carefully dipped in rich, dark Belgian chocolate. These exquisite treats cater perfectly to the desires of any chocolate orange aficionado, offering an indulgent taste experience that's truly captivating.
Send chocolate by post
Explore our delightful collection of orange chocolates and experience the joy of gifting with our straightforward service that lets you send chocolates by post. Our online platform features an enticing array of orange-infused chocolate treats, expertly crafted to capture the vibrant fusion of citrus and cocoa. Whether it's a special occasion or 'just because', our carefully curated selection has something to satisfy every palate. Simply place an order and trust our dependable delivery services to convey your sweet sentiments directly to their door. It's never been easier to share the unique joy of orange chocolate with your loved ones, no matter the distance.