Indulge in the vibrant flavours of the season with our Summer chocolate collection. As the temperatures rise and days grow longer, there's no better treat than chocolate that captures the essence of summer. Dive into our ice cream-flavoured chocolates that transport you to lazy afternoons by the beach with every bite.
And for those who love a fruity twist, our fabulously fruity box is a delightful medley of sun-kissed flavours that evoke memories of picnics in the park and balmy evening get-togethers. Experience summer like never before with every delectable piece from our collection.
Friars summer chocolate gift ideas
Ice cream flavoured chocolate
Why not pamper yourself or surprise someone special with our exquisite array of ice cream-flavoured chocolates and truffles? Embark on a delightful tasting adventure as our ice cream-inspired chocolates, rich in flavours like strawberry, raspberry ripple, classic chocolate, banana split, and creamy caramel, tantalise your palate with every bite.
Fabulously fruity chocolate box
This summer, dive into our fabulously fruity chocolate selection that brims with vibrant flavours. There's a unique allure when the zesty zest of fruit pairs seamlessly with the depth of cocoa. Ideal for any season, but especially refreshing during warm summer days. Relish the luxurious blend of our dark chocolate truffle masterfully merged with our juicy cherry truffle, featuring Kirsch-infused cherries wrapped in 61% cocoa. Alternatively, lose yourself in the elegantly crafted strawberry cupcake, crowned with a creamy strawberry centre—truly a taste of summer's finest delights.
Chocolate Candied Orange Slices
Elegantly candied orange slices, meticulously hand-dipped in sumptuous dark Belgian chocolate, epitomise the refreshing flavours of summer. These serve as the quintessential post-dinner treat or a luxurious indulgence for those with a penchant for chocolate orange delights during the warm, sunny months.
Summer chocolate by post
As the golden hues of summer unfold, there's a special delight in receiving Summer chocolate by post. Embrace the season's best flavours without stepping out, as a thoughtfully curated selection of sun-inspired chocolates arrives at your doorstep. By post, we bridge the distance, allowing you to sample tropical fruity infusions and refreshing ice cream-themed delights. Whether you're gifting a distant friend or treating yourself, our Summer chocolate by post ensures that the essence of the sunniest season is just a mail delivery away. Cherish the convenience, savour the flavour, and celebrate summer, one chocolate at a time.

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