Caramel Chocolate

For the connoisseurs who revel in the sweeter nuances of chocolate and caramel, here at Friars we take these things very seriously. Our selection offers an exquisite blend of delicate honey accents with the rich undertones of superior quality cocoa.
Our salted caramel chocolate box comprises of an assortment of ganaches, gooey centres and truffles, it provides a delightful choice for every event. Experience the ideal level of indulgence, a flawless treat for those moments when you need a delightful uplift.
Immerse yourself in cosy comfort on a drizzly day, embraced by the tender touch of mellow Salted Caramel enveloped in luscious milk chocolate. The subtle hint of salt brings out the malty tones, offering an ultimate sensory satisfaction. Maybe you're in search of the perfect accompaniment to your coffee? Discover our double chocolate caramel, molten caramel enrobed in milk and dark chocolate.  Match it with your morning brew for an indulgent treat — because you're worth it.
Pioneers in caramel and chocolate
Caramel's history is relatively younger than that of chocolate, with its origins traced back to the 17th century. The term "caramel" comes from the Spanish word "caramelo," which was derived from the Latin for "cane sugar." During the 17th century, American settlers began experimenting with boiled sugar, leading to the discovery of this sweet treat. Over the next two centuries, caramel evolved and became more complex, with ingredients like milk and butter added for creaminess.
Salted caramel, a modern favourite, originated much later, in the late 20th century. This variation was first popularised by a French pastry chef named Henri Le Roux in the 1970s. His salted butter caramel with crushed nuts won the Best Sweet award in the 1980 Salon International de la Confiserie in Paris and sparked a love for this salty-sweet confection worldwide.
Finest Quality Cocoa
When it comes to sourcing our ingredients, we never compromise. The chocolate we use is sourced ethically, guaranteeing not only its exquisite taste but also its positive impact on the farming communities. The caramel, lovingly handcrafted, complements the chocolate perfectly, creating a unique taste experience that you won't find anywhere else.
Flavours: Wide Range of Rich Taste
Luxury caramel chocolates, combining the finest quality milk and dark chocolate with rich hues of golden brown caramel in an assortment of textures, from gooey to firm. Delivered to your door.
Dark salted caramel - The salt, subtly yet distinctively present, enhances the inherent sweetness of the caramel, giving it a delicious complexity and depth of flavour. The bitter-sweet complexity of the dark chocolate works perfectly.
Caramel Cream - A smooth milk chocolate shell gives way to the luscious filling of caramel ganache and whipping cream. A delicious harmony of flavours and textures.
Vegan salted caramel - We work with vegan chocolate brand Kakoa. Who are leaders in plant based chocolate. Their salted caramel is made using rice and oat milk with a gooey salted centre enrobed in rich milk chocolate.
Premium caramel chocolate boxes
Our chocolate boxes are much more than a container. They are beautifully designed keepsakes, adding an extra layer of joy to your chocolate experience. Imagine the delight of opening one of our boxes to find an array of caramel chocolates, each one a tiny masterpiece waiting to be discovered. It's an experience that turns the simple act of eating chocolate into a memorable occasion.
Chocolate Delivered
Sending chocolate online couldn't be easier with Friars. Our highly skilled team of chocolatiers dedicate their craft to meticulously produce each piece of chocolate. The attention to detail and commitment to quality result in unforgettable flavours that will leave an indelible mark on your taste buds.

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