Rum Chocolate

Perfectly balanced rum chocolates, beautifully combining the distinct warming flavour of rum liqueur with the smoothness of chocolate.
Fine chocolate truffles, delicately infused with Jamaican Rum for a taste of sophistication. A combination of rich, 72% cocoa dark chocolate and smooth, creamy milk chocolate make the ideal accompaniment to the blissful flavours of a tropical paradise.
Milk chocolate rum truffle
Delight in the irresistible blend of flavours in our Milk Chocolate Rum Truffle. This delectable truffle features a delicate, light centre, generously imbued with rich rum, and then meticulously coated in fine milk chocolate flakes. The result is a tantalizingly delicious truffle that makes for a perfect indulgent after-dinner delicacy.
Dark chocolate rum truffle
Experience divine decadence with our dark rum truffle, featuring a fresh cream core harmoniously blended with the rich earthiness of dark chocolate and generously laced with the distinct flavour of Jamaican Rum. Each truffle is thoughtfully encased in superior 72% dark chocolate and elegantly garnished with a dusting of vermicelli.
Anthon Berg cherry in rum
Anthon Berg's distinctive marzipan discs, delicately filled with cherry jam and rum, enjoy global recognition for their unique flavour and craftsmanship. These delicious treats boast a core of cherry jam, enveloped by marzipan that's been generously infused with rum. The final touch is a generous layer of premium dark chocolate, creating a harmonious balance of textures and flavours. Each of these delectable discs is individually packaged, ensuring the freshness and integrity of every bite.
Captain morgan liqueur chocolate
Indulge in the exquisite Captain Morgan Rum Liqueur Chocolate Bar, a harmonious blend of premium Swiss milk chocolate and a luscious rum liqueur centre. Crafted by renowned Swiss chocolatier Goldkenn, this sumptuous treat promises a delightful surge of rum liqueur enrobed in velvety chocolate.
Rum chocolate truffles delivered
Experience the indulgence of our uniquely curated rum chocolate letterbox gifts, perfect for any occasion. Our premium selection features the finest chocolates, each infused with the rich warmth of rum, crafted to delight your senses. These rum chocolate letterbox gifts offer a delightful surprise, fitting seamlessly through your letterbox for easy, convenient gifting. Whether you're looking to treat yourself or surprise a loved one, our rum chocolate letterbox gifts are the perfect choice. Buy our premium rum chocolates today, and enjoy the convenience of letterbox gift delivery, direct to your home or the recipient's address.