Mint Chocolate

Discover the invigorating fusion of mint chocolate, a unique pairing that brings together the refreshing coolness of mint and the rich decadence of premium chocolate. Our curated selection showcases a variety of mint-infused chocolates that caters to diverse palates.
Mint and chocolate
The pairing of mint, specifically peppermint, and chocolate has a rich history that traces its roots back to the culinary traditions of different cultures, although the combination in its present popular form is relatively recent.
The history of chocolate stretches back to ancient Mesoamerican cultures like the Mayans and the Aztecs, who valued cacao beans for their rich flavour and used them in beverages, often combined with chilli peppers and other spices.
Peppermint, meanwhile, has been prized for its refreshing flavour and medicinal properties since ancient times. Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all used peppermint, and it became a popular flavour in Europe and Asia as well.
The combination of the rich, velvety chocolate and the cool, refreshing taste of peppermint proved to be a hit. The complementary flavours have remained a favourite among chocolate lovers around the world. Today, peppermint chocolate can be found in a wide range of desserts and confections, from ice cream and cookies to gourmet chocolates and candies, illustrating the enduring appeal of this delightful pairing.
Dark chocolate peppermint creams
One of our best-loved offerings; a quintessentially British blend of invigorating mint-infused fondant enrobed in 65% cocoa dark chocolate. This delightful treat represents the finest of British confectionery traditions, with each chocolate individually mixed, dipped, and finished by hand. This meticulous process lends every piece its unique charm, embodying the craftsmanship and quality that is the hallmark of our creations.
Frosted mint chocolates
A truly refreshing mint truffle. Each bite of this finely crafted delicacy introduces a burst of cool mint, offering a sharp contrast that is both invigorating and soothing. The minty centre,a symphony of refreshing notes, is enveloped in a velvety layer of premium chocolate, perfectly balancing the cool sharpness of the mint.
Mint crunch chocolate
A delightful spectacle of flavours when the crunch of rice pieces and the cool freshness of mint encounter the deep richness of cocoa.
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