Coffee Chocolate

Immerse yourself in the sumptuous world of coffee chocolates – an enchanting blend of rich, aromatic coffee, harmoniously combined with velvety, indulgent chocolate. For both coffee aficionados and chocolate connoisseurs alike.
Whether you're seeking an energizing pick-me-up in the midst of a hectic day or a refined finish to a perfect dinner, coffee chocolates, coffee truffles, chocolate coffee beans and cappuccino buttons, cater to all cravings.
Coffee and chocolate as a pairing
The worlds of coffee and chocolate collided in the 18th century, when European chocolatiers began to experiment by adding coffee to their chocolate recipes. This resulted in the creation of mocha, a mixture of chocolate and coffee, named after the Yemeni city Mocha, famous as a centre for coffee trade. Since then, coffee and chocolate have become inseparable, often combined in desserts, drinks, and confections, like the coffee chocolates we enjoy today.
These intertwined histories reflect the global journey of coffee and chocolate, from humble beginnings to indispensable ingredients in the world's kitchens and cafes. Today, their rich flavours continue to inspire and delight, standing testament to the enduring human love for coffee and chocolate.
Coffee and milk chocolate
Milk chocolate, with its sweet, creamy, and subtly caramel flavour profile, melds seamlessly with the rich, bold notes of coffee. Our caramel latte chocolate is a luxurious blend of creamy milk chocolate, luscious caramel, and robust espresso. The cappuccino cupcake chocolate fuses the velvety richness of milk chocolate with the comforting, slightly spiced profile of a frothy cappuccino.
Coffee and dark chocolate
Dark chocolate and coffee are two rich, complex flavours that intertwine beautifully, each enhancing the other's depth and robustness. The smooth, velvety fondant centre of our coffee cream carries an aromatic whisper of coffee, striking a delicate balance with the sweet essence of the filling. Wonderfully hand dipped in 65% cocoa dark chocolate.
Coffee and white chocolate
The exquisite fusion of white chocolate and coffee is a blissful union of the velvety, creamy notes of white chocolate with the rich, robust profile of coffee. Our cappuccino truffle, features a smooth, airy ganache centre that carries distinct coffee undertones, expertly mingled to create a mellow yet memorable flavour.
Chocolate covered coffee beans
For the true coffee connoisseur we have chocolate covered coffee beans. Whole coffee beans from Costa Rica, known for their exceptional coffee, have been medium roasted to give them their delicate roasted taste are then covered in a rich dark chocolate.
Order chocolates online
Experience the ease and convenience of ordering chocolates online for that perfect gift or indulgent treat. With our diverse range of premium chocolates, you can explore a world of exquisite flavours from the comfort of your home. Offering chocolates for delivery, we ensure that our carefully crafted confections reach you in perfect condition, ready to be savoured or shared.