Rose & Violet Chocolate

Classically English, award winning rose and violet cream chocolates flavoured with natural rose & violet and enrobed in premium 65% cocoa dark chocolate. Traditionally handcrafted from time-honoured recipes, using only the finest chocolate and presented in a wonderful gift box.
Fabulously fragrant, our rose and violet flavoured chocolates are a real treat for the senses. Creamy fondant centres flavoured with rosewater and natural violet; hand decorated with crystallised rose petals. Our award winning cream chocolates are a popular favourite amongst our customers, perfect for birthdays, thank yous, self-indulgence or just because.
Each chocolate is lovingly handmade, making each one unique and ensuring no two chocolates look the same. Wonderful chocolate gift boxes delivered to your door, perfect for any occasion.
Rose cream chocolates
Rose-flavoured English chocolates have a long and cherished history, dating back to the Victorian era. Chocolate, as a luxury item, was only available to the wealthy during this period. However, it wasn't until the Industrial Revolution that chocolate became widely accessible. Intriguingly, rose was amongst the first flavours to be introduced, a choice reflecting the quintessential English love for flowers and gardens. The Victorians, famous for their fondness of complex, layered flavours, paired the bitter-sweetness of cocoa with the delicate, fragrant notes of rose.
Here at Friars we continue to produce exquisite rose-flavoured chocolates, keeping alive a rich tradition that marries a time-honoured flower with the indulgence of chocolate.
Violet cream chocolates
Violet fondant creams are an integral part of English chocolate heritage, with their roots going back to the late 19th century. These delicacies, featuring a soft and sugary fondant centre flavoured with violet essence and encased in a rich dark chocolate shell, epitomize the Victorian penchant for floral flavours. Interestingly, the use of violet as a flavour originated in the tradition of crystallizing violets for sweets, which was then adapted into fondant creams.
Our unique and fragrant violet chocolates stand as a testament to the eclectic culinary innovations of the Victorian era.
Floral cream chocolates
We even offer exquisitely handcrafted floral creams, enveloped in rich, high-cocoa dark chocolate with a smooth fondant centre. The creation of each chocolate involves a meticulous process of mixing, dipping, and finishing by hand, which infuses every box with its own distinctive allure. Our timeless assortment, featuring rose and violet creams, has earned accolades, including the prestigious Great Taste Gold Award. The selection is further enhanced by the addition of unique lavender and geranium fondant creams, each perfectly sealed within decadent dark chocolate.
Buy rose and violet creams
When you buy our chocolates, you're investing in a timeless tradition of English confectionery, celebrated for its artisanal craftsmanship and award-winning taste. Our rose and violet Creams, recognised by the Great Taste Gold Award, are not just chocolates - they're an experience, offering a unique blend of tradition, flavour, and quality. So, why wait? Immerse yourself in the delicacy of our chocolates; buy and savour the exceptional taste of rose and violet creams today.