White Chocolate

Unveil a world where cocoa butter meets creamy perfection, introducing our premier range of white chocolate selections. Created for those with a love for the velvety and vanilla-infused nuances of white chocolate, our offerings are a testament to the art of fine chocolatiering.
Whether you're on the hunt for a sublime treat or an unforgettable gift, our white chocolate range promises unparalleled richness and flavour. Dive into a taste experience that combines sweetness with delicate cocoa butter notes, and explore the essence of white chocolate at its finest with us.
What is white chocolate
White chocolate is a confection made from cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids. Unlike dark chocolate and milk chocolate, white chocolate does not contain cocoa solids, which are the non-fat components of cocoa beans responsible for the brown colour and characteristic taste of chocolate. This is why white chocolate lacks the dark colour and deep chocolate flavour found in other types of chocolate.
Here are the main components of white chocolate:
Cocoa butter: This is the fat derived from cocoa beans. It gives white chocolate its creamy texture.
Sugar: This sweetens the chocolate.
Milk solids: These provide the creamy taste and, combined with the cocoa butter, give white chocolate its pale colour.
Due to the lack of cocoa solids, white chocolate has a milder, creamier, and often sweeter flavour profile compared to its darker counterparts. While it's a favourite for many, white chocolate can sometimes be a point of contention among chocolate purists because of its distinct composition and taste. Regardless, it's widely used in confections, desserts, and baking. Here at Friars we belive qulaity white choclate can enjoyed as much as quality milk and dark chocolate.
Friars white chocolate
White Chocolate box
Dive into our collection of lusciously creamy white chocolates. Savour the nuanced flavours, from the zesty notes of our lemon tart variant to the fruity burst of strawberry coupled with the sophisticated hint of champagne. Let each bite tell a story, whether it's the subtle notes of our champagne truffle, enhanced by a milk ganache imbued with marc de champagne, or the heavenly blend of our white chocolate infused with the essence of pure vanilla. Every piece is a journey of delightful tastes.
Strawberry buttons
There's an unmatched allure to strawberries and cream, and our rendition of this classic summer delicacy stands testament to that charm. Crafted with luxurious Belgian white chocolate and elegantly encased in a transparent cellophane bag, each piece is accentuated with a graceful satin ribbon tie. Experience the essence of summer with every bite.
White cappuccino truffles
Savour our enticing cappuccino truffles, boasting a velvety ganache core delicately infused with pronounced coffee undertones. Enveloped in elegant white chocolate and crowned with a fine cocoa powder dusting, each truffle captures the quintessential essence of a perfect cappuccino.
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In the vast realm of chocolates, white chocolates stand out for their velvety richness and delicate flavours. For those who crave this creamy indulgence without the hassle of a store visit, now you can buy white chocolates online from our curated collection. Every bite promises a blend of superior quality ingredients and artful craftsmanship. Whether you're searching for a personal treat or a memorable gift, our online platform offers a variety of white chocolate delights at your fingertips. When you choose to buy white chocolates online with us, you're choosing unparalleled taste, convenience, and swift delivery right to your door. Dive into our world and let your taste buds revel in pure decadence.