Chocolate Easter Eggs

Our Chocolate Easter eggs are more than just confections; they are a celebration of springtime joy and tradition. As the season brings forth blossoms and brighter days, families come together to share and savour the rich, decadent flavours found in our handcrafted chocolates. Every bite of our Chocolate Easter eggs evokes memories of festive gatherings, childhood egg hunts, and moments of pure indulgence.
Delve into our selection and discover the passion and craftsmanship behind each of our cherished Easter creations. Embrace the essence of the season with our timeless and delicious Easter treats.
Friars luxury Easter eggs
Dark chocolate Easter egg
At Friars, we believe in crafting experiences, especially when it comes to our dark chocolate Easter eggs. For those with a discerning palate, this Easter promises an unparalleled journey into the world of cocoa. Dive into our dark chocolate Easter egg, with an exceptionally thick shell of 72% cacao. Relish in that satisfying snap and get enveloped in an array of captivating flavours — from the dense richness of brownie to the tantalising allure of salted caramel and the creamy decadence of cheesecake. This is not just any Easter egg; it's a statement piece, the epitome of indulgence.
But the allure of our dark chocolate Easter eggs doesn’t stop there. For enthusiasts who cherish a blend of zest and cocoa, we have intricately crafted an Easter treat. With 60% cocoa solids, this dark chocolate Easter egg harmoniously fuses a rich yet fruity flavour with the spicy undertones of ginger. Embedded within are pieces of crystallised ginger, adding a sweet and spicy surprise in every bite. Celebrating the timeless pairing of dark chocolate and ginger, this Easter egg is an embodiment of taste and tradition.
Milk chocolate Easter egg
When it comes to indulgent Easter delights, Friars sets the gold standard with our milk chocolate Easter eggs. For those craving an experience beyond the ordinary, our extra thick milk chocolate egg promises a journey of tastes and textures. Hidden within its creamy confines are a plethora of treats - from the playful notes of cookie dough to the luxurious depth of chocolate mousse and the nutty richness of praline egg truffles. Venture further, and discover gooey caramels and sumptuous brownie chocolates, ensuring every bite is an Easter celebration. But our commitment goes beyond taste; with 100% recyclable packaging, this egg treats both the palate and the planet with care.
For the aficionados who can't begin their day without a coffee kick, our next treat is curated with you in mind. Immerse yourself in our coffee-infused milk chocolate Easter egg, crafted meticulously with premium milk chocolate and rich coffee. This egg doesn't just promise flavour but delivers a genuine caffeine fix, thanks to the nibs of Arabica coffee beans sprinkled within. It's the perfect marriage of creamy chocolate and aromatic coffee, making it the ultimate Easter indulgence for coffee lovers everywhere.
White chocolate Easter egg
Easter at Friars is anything but ordinary, especially when it comes to our white chocolate Easter eggs. Embark on a delightful journey as you unveil an extra thick shell, crafted from the finest Belgian chocolate, an embodiment of creamy perfection. But the magic doesn't stop there. Nestled within this luxurious shell is a treasure trove of our renowned truffle eggs. Each bite promises a new discovery, be it the playful nuances of cookie dough, the gooey embrace of salted caramel, or the rich allure of a cheesecake truffle egg. And for that final touch of Easter charm, nestled amidst these delights, is a delightful praline Easter bunny — a treat that's bound to captivate both adults and children alike.
Vegan Easter egg
Kakoa's commitment to creating luscious vegan chocolates shines brightly in Friars' iconic Easter collection. Our Vegan Easter Eggs are not just dairy-free delights; they're a testament to how indulgent vegan chocolates can truly be.
First, let's dive into our geometric milk chocolate Easter egg. A masterpiece of vegan chocolate crafting, it's perfect for those seeking a dairy-free yet luxuriously creamy experience this Easter. Thanks to rice and oat milk, every bite captures the rich texture and full-bodied flavour of premium chocolate. But the indulgence doesn't stop with the egg. Within this package are 12 exquisite vegan chocolates, each ready to tantalise your palate. From the irresistibly smooth peanut butter filled truffle eggs and the classic Cookies & Cream truffle eggs to the zesty dark chocolate orange truffle, every piece is an adventure in taste.
But for those who yearn for the sweet allure of caramel, the iconic vegan caramel Easter egg by Kakoa is sure to delight. Enveloped in caramel-flavoured milk chocolate, this egg is the epitome of vegan luxury, capturing the essence of creamy caramel without the dairy. Rice and oat milk blend seamlessly, offering a texture that rivals its dairy counterparts. Accompanying this caramel marvel is a curated selection of vegan chocolates. Experience the legendary salted caramel, delve into the richness of an awesome chocolate brownie, or venture into the dark side with our special dark chocolates.
Easter egg delivery
Celebrate Easter with ease and elegance with our dedicated Easter egg delivery service. Twice as nice, not only do we bring the joy of premium chocolate Easter eggs to your doorstep, but our reliable Easter egg delivery ensures timely arrivals for uninterrupted festivities. Relish in the rich tastes and traditions of the season, all from the comfort of your home.