There is no season quite like Easter, with its vibrant colours, chocolate bunnies and Easter hunts. We have really gone for it this year with some fabulous new Easter chocolate animals, which make a great alternative to the usual Easter egg. So take a look and add a bit of colour this year!
Perfect chocolate Easter gift ideas, bouncing chocolate bunnies to luxury chocolate eggs. Ideas for Easter hunts and much more, we even have free from and vegan eggs.
Easter is a time for festivities and celebrations, and what better way to mark the occasion than with delicious chocolates? The Friars' Easter Collection has just what you need to make your holiday special. With an array of flavours and decadent treats, this collection ensures that everyone can find something they'll love.
History of Easter
Why do we have chocolate eggs at Easter?
Chocolate eggs have been around since 1873 when a French chocolatier made the first moulded chocolate egg. Before this time, it was common for people to create eggs out of icing or marzipan as decorations for Easter celebrations. As technology advanced and mass production became possible, chocolate eggs were created to represent new life, symbolic of what Easter celebrates. Over time, giving chocolate eggs during Easter has become an integral part of the holiday experience all over the world.
When did chocolate Easter eggs start?
Chocolate Easter eggs have been a popular treat for decades. But people may need to learn that the chocolate eggs tradition dates back to the 19th century. The first recorded instance of Easter treats being made with chocolate happened in Europe in the 1800s when German confectioners started creating small moulds of hollowed-out eggshells filled with sweet treats and covered with chocolate.
Unique Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas
Easter is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation with a gift of chocolates. If you're looking for something unique, plenty of delicious Easter chocolate gifts will make this extra holiday special.
Whether you opt for a creative gift basket filled with gourmet chocolates or a handmade selection of artisan truffles, delectable chocolates are guaranteed to make your Easter celebration even more memorable.
Make this year's Easter even sweeter by giving an unforgettable present crafted from premium chocolate.
Count on Friars to Deliver Delightful Easter Chocolates.
Our Delicious Selections
Friars have an amazing selection of chocolates perfect for the Easter holiday. We create each chocolate with the utmost attention and care using the finest ingredients.
Our selection includes a wide variety of delectable treats: from classic milk chocolate eggs filled with creamy caramel to unique flavours like almond and raspberry truffles - there’s something for everyone! With our vast array of choices, you can easily find the perfect treat for your family and friends.
Chocolate truffle eggs
Easter is a time for celebration and chocolate, and Friars’ chocolate truffle eggs are the perfect way to satisfy both cravings. Each egg is made with rich dark Belgian chocolate and filled with luscious truffle ganache – enough to satisfy any sweet tooth! This year, treat your family to a box of scrumptious truffle eggs that make the perfect Easter gift.
Vegan chocolate Easter eggs
Whether you’re looking for an eggcellent gift or a tasty treat for yourself, Friars’ vegan Easter eggs make an ideal choice. As well as being ethical and sustainable, these delicious morsels are guaranteed to bring joy this holiday season.
Chocolate hot cross buns
These delectable treats blend traditional flavours with tantalising textures. The handmade truffles are made using cocoa butter and Belgian chocolate to ensure a smooth and luxurious experience. They’re filled with pieces of real hot cross buns – spiced raisins, nutmeg and cinnamon – giving them an authentic taste that can’t be found anywhere else. To finish them off, each truffle is hand-dipped in white chocolate and topped with a crunchy almond for added texture.
Quality and safety standards
When you purchase Friars Easter chocolates, you can rest assured knowing they adhere to the highest quality and safety standards. Each batch of chocolate is rigorously tested for flavour, aroma, texture and appearance. Friars only source its ingredients from suppliers who have passed rigorous audits for food safety and quality assurance.
Reliable delivery services
For Easter, count on Friars to make sure you receive your delightful chocolates in time for the holiday. Our commitment to excellence continues through the delivery process with careful packaging, safe shipping methods, and accurate estimates of when customers will receive their orders.

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