Easter Chocolates

As the Easter season approaches, nothing says celebration like a luxurious bite of chocolate. Dive deep into the decadence of our specially crafted Easter chocolates designed to tantalise your taste buds and leave a lasting impression. Feast your eyes and treat your palate to our extra-thick chocolate eggs, perfect in texture and richness for those who desire an intensified cocoa experience.
For explorers wanting a bite-sized teaser of our premium range, our truffle egg taster offers pocket-sized delights that encapsulate the essence of Easter in every bite. And for those who refuse to settle for anything but the best, our signature Easter chocolate box showcases a curated selection of our finest chocolates, making it the ultimate gift for loved ones or a treat for yourself. As you search for the perfect Easter chocolate, remember that our offerings are not just chocolates; they're an experience. Dive in, savour, and let the Easter festivities begin!
Extra thick chocolate Easter eggs
As Easter beckons, there's no finer indulgence than our bespoke Extra-Thick Chocolate Easter Eggs. Crafted for the connoisseur, these aren't your ordinary Easter treats. They're a testament to true chocolate artistry.
With an impressive 72% cocoa content in the dark variant, every bite into our egg reveals a world where depth meets delicacy. This rich cocoon houses the most sumptuous Easter truffle eggs and chocolates, creating a delectable surprise within its already luscious exterior.
But our celebration of cocoa doesn't end there. For those who revel in a variety of flavours, we have meticulously crafted these lavish eggs in milk, white, and a harmonious blend of milk and dark chocolates. Each variant, while distinct in taste, promises the same level of richness and excellence.
Beyond being mere chocolates, these Easter eggs are an experience—a journey of cocoa, craftsmanship, and passion. Allow yourself to be transported this Easter with every bite, as you discover the luxurious world of our Extra-Thick Chocolate Easter Eggs.
Dairy free Easter eggs
Dive into the lavish world of Kakoa this Easter with our standout offering: The Iconic Easter Egg. Designed for the discerning chocolate enthusiast, this gem stands tall among vegan chocolates, redefining what dairy-free indulgence can truly be. A beautiful blend of aesthetic appeal and unparalleled flavour, this geometric milk chocolate Easter egg is the embodiment of Kakoa's innovative approach to vegan chocolates. Crafted with precision using rice and oat milk, the result is a rich and creamy texture that mirrors the essence of premium chocolates but without the dairy. But the allure doesn't end with the exterior; nestled inside are 12 vegan chocolate treasures. Relish the richness of our peanut butter filled truffle eggs, the smooth allure of Cookies & Cream truffle eggs, the bold essence of a dark chocolate orange truffle, and an array of other flavours meticulously curated to ignite your senses this Easter.
Signature Easter chocolate box
Step into the festive spirit of Easter with our Signature Easter Chocolate Gift Box, a hand-picked assortment of decadent delights designed to enchant every chocolate lover. Crafted with precision and passion, each chocolate in this box tells a story of tradition, innovation, and indulgence.
Imagine sinking your teeth into velvety smooth Lemon Cheesecake Eggs or the rich allure of Brownie Truffle Eggs. Experience the playful tease of Cookie Dough Truffle Eggs and the classic elegance of Easter Milk Praline Chocolate. Let the Praline Bunny whisk you away on a nostalgic journey, and the unique Hot Cross Bun Chocolates wrap you in the warmth of Easter traditions.
Our chocolates, an exquisite blend of milk, white, and dark, each hide a world of fillings and flavours, from luxurious pralines to the richness of truffle centres. They promise an odyssey of taste and texture, an experience that's both familiar and novel.
Easter chocolate egg delivery
As Easter approaches, bring the joy of the season directly to your loved ones with our specialised Easter egg delivery service. Whether it's a luxurious chocolate egg or a collection of assorted treats, we ensure your gifts arrive fresh, intact, and ready to delight. There's no better way to spread the festive spirit than with the rich allure of chocolate, delivered seamlessly to the comfort of your home. Celebrate Easter with ease and elegance, one chocolate egg at a time.

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